Paint of the hottest dangerous goods vehicle spill

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Paint spilling from dangerous goods vehicles Kunshan multi control production rhythm departments joined hands to eliminate dangerous situations

paint spilling from dangerous goods vehicles Kunshan multi departments joined hands to eliminate dangerous situations

February 9, 2012

[China paint information] yesterday afternoon, at the intersection of Lujia, Kunshan City, multiple barrels of paint on a dangerous goods vehicle scattered all over the ground, and multi departments joined hands to eliminate the dangerous situation in time

at more than 3 p.m. yesterday, when the police of Lujia traffic patrol squadron patrolled to the north side of the intersection of Lufeng West Road and Huangpujiang road in Kunshan City, they found a dangerous goods vehicle with double jump lights on and leaning against the roadside, with several paint buckets scattered on the ground, and the white paint in the bucket slowly seeped out. This intersection has a large number of traffic and people, and the situation is relatively critical, which is easy to cause congestion and potential accidents

the police and auxiliary police quickly got off the bus after seeing the situation and carried out 11 Displacement range: 10mm emergency isolation, dredging command report this control system is widely used in the experimental machines of various manufacturers, subject to the development of dynamic vehicle traffic, and timely notify the road administration, traffic management, road maintenance departments to arrive at the scene. They first transfer the scattered paint barrels to a safe place, and then wash the ground with water. Through the joint efforts of the traffic police and relevant departments, the danger was eliminated in time after more than an hour. At present, the vehicle and its driver have been handed over to the road administration department for further investigation and handling

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