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Paint the exterior wall of the next community. The new car is covered with white spots

the exterior wall of the next community is painted, and the paint particles are scattered in the wind. Ms. Zheng of Ningbo Haishu Shuian mood community bought the new car in December 2011, and the surface has been stained with white spots twice

"if there is a third time, the paint of this car will be wasted." On January 5, Ms. Zheng vomited bitterness to

Ms. Zheng: she was hit twice in a row and was kicked as a ball

two years ago, Ms. Zheng's family moved into Shuian mood community. In December, 2011, Ms. Zheng bought a brand-new black Teana. After the new car arrived, Ms. Zheng took good care of it and was deeply afraid that scratching would affect the service life of the device

the state of mind on the water bank makes it impossible for the experimental machine to carry out. Next to the community is Qinglin Bay phase V, and the exterior wall is being painted. Unfortunately, Ms. Zheng's car is parked near the construction site

"the first time was in December, 2011. I was going to drive to work that morning, but I found that the whole car was full of white particles and small spots. I drove to the 4S store, cleaned it for several hours, polished it and coated it, and then barely recovered."

to her surprise, the car was covered with white spots on the first day of the new year

this time, Ms. Zheng was completely angry. After driving into the 4S store, she angrily found the security guard, sales office and real estate company of phase 5 of Qinglin Bay, but the viscosity of the plastic melt was significantly reduced and was kicked as a ball. "Every place said it was not in her charge, pushed around, and left me to one side."

helpless, she can only go back to the 4S store and polish and coat again. "The staff of the 4S store said that there must be no third time. The new car has been polished and coated for many times, and the paint surface has been very thin. If there is a third time, the car paint is basically waste."

developer: the leaders have been informed that answering the words of the employees of the 4S store as soon as possible made Ms. Zheng very nervous. In order to stop being recruited, Ms. Zheng drove her car to the underground garage of the community. But her anger was hard to dispel: "if they don't take some measures, there will be more and more victims."

in the afternoon of January 5, I came to Shuian mood community. Ms. Zheng pointed to the mottled car and said, "although it has been cleaned, there are still many scratches on the body. With the black car, some white spots that have not been cleaned are still faintly visible."

then he found the security guard of Qinglin Bay phase 5. He told him that there were several complaints like Ms. Zheng recently, but the property was only responsible for the management of community security, and the property had no right to intervene in construction problems

at the sales office, the staff told them that they were only responsible for selling houses as agents, and there was no way to deal with this matter

also contacted Ningbo residential construction testing machine how to maintain the Design Group Co., Ltd., which is responsible for the construction. An unnamed project manager said that although they are responsible for the construction of the house, the exterior wall painting does not belong to their company, nor does it belong to them

also contacted the Qinglin Bay developer Ningbo real estate Co., Ltd., and the relevant staff told them that they had recently received several complaints of this kind, which had been reported to the leaders, "how to deal with it? The leaders will reply in the near future."

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