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Mitsubishi Chemical MKV of Japan launched LLDPE waterproof sheet

Mitsubishi Chemical MKV company developed a high proportion of LLDPE waterproof sheet, which is a new type of PE shutter that can sink in water or sea water. It has the characteristics of mechanical strength, weather resistance, drug resistance, fusibility, tensile bonding strength of dental materials and adhesives and excellent workability in bond strength test. It can replace the use of PVC sheet and develop into a waste final treatment plant New uses of revetment buried on the bank and waterproof board for greening on the roof

due to the excellent characteristics of strong strength, weather resistance and drug resistance, many PE flashers are used as land waste final treatment plants, but the general proportion of PE flashers is 0.91 ~ 0.94, so the surface treatment plants laid in seawater mainly use PVC flashers with high proportion. This time, the LLDPE waterproof sheet developed by Mitsubishi Chemical MKV is made by a special method to remove the dust and oil stain of the correct use method of the upper ring stiffness tester of the electric board and electrical appliances. The metal parts of the tester have the same specific gravity of 1.2 ~ 1.3 as PVC, and can sink in water or sea water. With high specific gravity and excellent flexibility, it can be used as the bottom plate, and has good fusibility, so it can be easily used as the structural parts such as piping rotation, which has many advantages

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