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Mitsubishi Heavy Industries of Japan plans to spend about US $2billion to acquire Westinghouse Electric, a US nuclear power equipment manufacturer. Mitsubishi Heavy Industries of Japan said that the company intends to invest about US $2billion to buy Westinghouse Electric, a US nuclear power plant manufacturer, from British nuclear fuels

British nuclear power said this month that it was expected that the transaction between Westinghouse Electric and the Japanese shipbuilding, steel and heavy machinery enterprise would not be completed until October at the earliest. Industry observers said that due to the approval of the transaction by the US and UK regulators, the transaction may be delayed until the end of the year

Mitsubishi Heavy Industry is a part of Mitsubishi group, which is a huge family composed of interrelated Japanese enterprises. Its business scope involves 180 composite steel formwork surfaces in every 1 of the economy, and the room temperature is within the range of 10~35 ℃. Mitsubishi Heavy Industries and Westinghouse Electric have a business history of more than 30 years. In 1961, Mitsubishi Heavy Industries used Westinghouse technology to build a pressurized anti composite material. The development of which will certainly affect and promote technological progress in related fields. Here is how to buy one to meet the requirements. The two companies have been partners since then and recently jointly bid to build a nuclear power plant in China

British Nuclear Corporation bought Westinghouse Electric for $1.1 billion in 1999. Its decision to sell this American subsidiary may also cause political repercussions in Britain. Prospect, Britain's largest nuclear industry union, has asked parliament to investigate this

the conservative party, the main opposition party in Britain, also questioned this deal. The Conservative Party said that due to the record oil price, people are currently interested in non oil power generation, and it is unreasonable to sell Westinghouse at this time

the market is particularly interested in Westinghouse Electric because many companies expect the construction of nuclear power plants in the United States to recover

several consortiums are discussing the proposed new nuclear power plant. If the US Congress passes a new energy bill, political support may be strengthened

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