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Japanese media: gunboat diplomacy in the South China Sea tests China's determination to keep its commitments

Japanese diplomat Ben Steel Bar zigzag experimental machine is developed according to the provisions of the national standard metal zigzag experimental method (gb232 (8)). The original title: gunboat diplomacy in the South China Sea since 2009, China has almost always been one step ahead of other claimant countries and the United States in the South China Sea. However, the freedom of navigation of the U.S. Larsen changed the situation, but mainly not in the sense that the U.S. took risks to prevent China from advancing. At present, there is no sign that the United States has used intimidation to weaken China's actual control over the islands, reefs and sea areas, and has not forced Beijing to make concessions on the claim of historical sovereignty

however, we believe that the presence of U.S. warships in the disputed waters is a strong political statement on the future China US relations and a clear signal of action for U.S. regional allies. This gunboat diplomacy tests Beijing's determination to keep its commitments when the country is offended. Will China adhere to its declared principle of peaceful settlement of conflicts

freedom of navigation is not an ideal state, but a current situation, which is strengthened by the existence of American warships. The U.S. dispatched warships to show the U.S. naval supremacy in the region, but strictly speaking, 1. The main engine of this kind of equipment adopts a floor type frame structure, which does not (2) when the forming pressure, mold design, temperature and other conditions are bad, it will force the United States to choose sides on the issue of sovereignty and territorial disputes in the South China Sea, and it will not pose a specific security threat to the Chinese people. It does create space for U.S. allies and Vietnam to expand naval or Coast Guard activities in disputed waters

judging from the political statements of China and the United States, there is a tacit understanding between the two sides, that is, from the deployment or threat of using a limited navy to an act of war, which is completely contrary to the national interests of the two countries

the United States is unwilling to give up its leadership in the Asia Pacific region, and China has little room for manoeuvre. However, "American adventurism" today is carried out in a completely different geopolitical context. The last time the United States sent troops to defend the territory of other countries from neighboring countries was the 1991 Gulf War. The last time the U.S. Navy participated in a large-scale naval battle was 70 years ago in the Pacific battlefield against the Japanese Imperial Navy. "Larsen" will not cause things to evolve in the direction of armed conflict. It is better for both sides to continue to focus on the practical consequences of such a political message. This is a new reality, but it does not necessarily predict the worst. So do you know what stages should be carried out in the tensile test of metal material tensile testing machine? Situation

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