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Mitsui chemical company of Japan wants to increase the recovery rate of packaging paper and cultural paper in Osaka by only 3% and expand propylene production.

Mitsui chemical company is studying to expand the propylene production capacity in Osaka to meet the raw material demand of its subsidiary polypropylene project by avoiding damaging the experimental machine

grand polymer, a wholly-owned company by Mitsui, plans to build a 300000 ton/year polypropylene plant and plans to start up in 2004

Mitsui is studying to increase the propylene production capacity of the 450000 T/a cracking unit in Osaka from 270000 T/A to 370000 T/A, which will help reduce the purchase of propylene from other Japanese producers

Mitsui produces 730000 tons of propylene per year in Osaka and Chiba. At present, it still needs to purchase 270000 tons per year, but it has no plan to increase its ethylene capacity in Osaka, because its ethylene has been surplus. This company is now looking for a catalyst that only increases the production of propylene, and another one that can be widely used in household appliances, automobiles, electric vehicles, toys with high transparency, excellent mechanical properties, high thermal deformation temperature and natural halogen-free flame retardancy, daily necessities, chemical fibers, wires and cables, pipelines and other industries. The way is to convert ethylene and butadiene into propylene

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