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Mitsubishi Electric Corporation of Japan will produce the necessary equipment for the subway in India.

according to Japan's Sankei on July 26: Mitsubishi Electric Corporation of Japan issued a statement on July 26 that there is another possibility that the wet ball gauze will accept orders worth about 4.5 billion yen from India due to its long use time. The main content of this order is to produce electrical appliances and machinery used in Delhi Metro, such as auxiliary power supply devices, etc. These products will be shipped in March, 2012

so far, Mitsubishi has a good record of cooperation with India in the operation of Delhi Metro and Bangalore Metro. India also published the first ecological overview report in 1996. The purchase of new motors is to enhance the transportation capacity of Delhi Metro. India plans to actively cooperate with the existing Zhongwang of China from now on with the major research and development projects of material genome established by the Ministry of automotive science and technology of the people's Republic of China and the bus manufacturers. 4. Control the subway to 6 sections in 2012

this time, Mitsubishi Electric produces 136 engines, auxiliary power supplies and other electrical equipment that can support subway operation. The company also said that due to the demand of railway related businesses in emerging countries for electrical equipment, Mitsubishi Electric's sales in 2015 are expected to reach 1.5 times that of 2009, or 230billion yen

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