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Mitsubishi MKV of Japan launched LLDPE waterproof sheet

Mitsubishi Chemical MKV developed a high proportion of LLDPE waterproof sheet, which is a new PE shutter that can sink in water or sea water. It has the characteristics of mechanical strength, weather resistance, drug resistance, fusibility, excellent constructability, and can replace the use of PVC sheet. It has been developed into a waste final treatment plant, and the protective wall is buried on the bank. The waterproof sheet greening on the roof ensures the product quality Maintaining the leading position in the industry provides important protection for new applications

due to the excellent characteristics of strong strength, weather resistance and drug resistance, many PE flashers are used as land waste final treatment plants, but the general proportion of PE flashers is 0.91 ~ 0.94, so the surface treatment plants laid in seawater mainly use PVC flashers with high proportion. This time, the LLDPE waterproof sheet developed by Mitsubishi Chemical MKV has the same specific gravity of 1.2 ~ 1.3 as PVC, which can affect more than 500 downstream enterprises to sink in water or sea water. It has high specific gravity and excellent flexibility, can be used as the bottom plate, and has good fusibility, so it is easy to make pipe rotation and other structures. It is necessary to fasten each screw to 1 lower structure part, which has many advantages

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