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Mitsubishi Chemical added 50000 metric tons of PTA capacity in India

Mitsubishi Chemical will enhance the ease of operation of PTA production in India by debottlenecking. It is expected to increase from 420000 metric tons to 470000 metric tons in early 2004, which will reduce the quality of hydraulic oil. The company plans to set up a new 600000 metric ton PTA plant in Chinese Mainland in 2005. If it can be achieved, combined with the existing domestic, Indonesian and additional Indian capacity, it can create a global PTA capacity of 200 metric tons. Mitsubishi Chemical set up PTA plant in India in 2000, which is the company's fourth PTA production base after Japan, Indonesia and South Korea. The high resolution and stability of PTA production load and displacement is the development trend. In India, due to polyester fiber, pet and other products that need PTA as raw materials, there is a great growth in demand, so it plans to break through the bottleneck. At present, Mitsubishi Chemical has 250000 metric tons of equipment in Songshan plant in Ehime County, 40000 metric tons of equipment in Indonesia, 420000 metric tons in India, with a total capacity of 1.31 million metric tons. With the addition of India this time, it will expand to 1.36 million metric tons. Even earlier, a 600000 metric ton plant will be built in Chinese Mainland's Zhejiang Province in 2005, so it can reach a scale of 2million metric tons in 2005

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