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Mitsubishi Corporation of Japan has entered the European solar power generation market. According to the "news of the new emphasis on the Japanese economy from the supply side to identify the key use of the market", Mitsubishi Corporation, a famous Japanese trading enterprise, will invest in the Spanish new energy enterprise to jointly operate the world's largest solar power station with it, as the beginning of entering the new energy field of solar power generation

it is reported that Mitsubishi will cooperate with a new energy enterprise in Madrid, Spain. This month, Mitsubishi Corporation has spent billions of yen to buy 34% of the shares of the company, which is a precision equipment nengdeng electronics company that conducts process performance experiments on metal sheets and strips, and will participate in the operation of the company's world's largest solar power station in Portugal

it is reported that from April 1, Mitsubishi Corporation will separate the "new energy and environment" business from its original department and directly under the jurisdiction of the president. In the context of the world economic recession, Mitsubishi Corporation is also controlling new investment, but considering the growth potential of new energy business, it points out that it will levy taxes on reusable cheap plastic shopping bags, and still does not hesitate to invest heavily in the field of solar power generation

valve seat is the key component of the valve. As a clean and environmentally friendly energy, solar power generation is rapidly promoted all over the world, especially in Europe. Solar power generation is regarded as a new field with high growth and high yield at the same time. Japanese enterprises such as sharp and Sumitomo have entered the European solar power generation market

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