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Japanese media: Chinese semiconductor enterprises are rising and have become competitive in the field of chip design

according to the Japanese economy on April 25, in addition to the Hisilicon semiconductor under Huawei, which calculates the experimental results of 1000 hours based on the experimental data within 100 hours, many enterprises, including companies under Tsinghua University, a well-known university, are also growing. As a new force in Asia after South Korea and Taiwan, China, semiconductor enterprises in Chinese Mainland are making profits and are expected to achieve growth and rise in 2017

according to the report, Yoshiyuki Qingshui, President of techanalyze, a high-tech industry research company, said: "my feeling is that China is actually improving its semiconductor R & D capability in accordance with the road map drawn by the government."

from intelligence to supercomputers, there are as many as 300 kinds of devices analyzed by techanalysis every year, including the 4gmate20 pro and iPhone XS released by Huawei and apple in 2018. The linewidth of the two smart chips, the Kirin 980 produced by Hisilicon and the A12 bionic produced by apple, is 7 nm

the size of the two chips and the area of the main chips such as the CPU processing image data are basically the same. Since there is no difference in the size and convenience of intelligence itself, techanalysis concludes that the performance of the two chips is comparable

it is reported that Hisilicon adopts a wafer free operation mode focusing on chip design and sales. It is said that at present, about 500 semiconductor enterprises in China adopt the wafer free mode

unisplenum zhanrui technology, a subsidiary of Tsinghua University, is also trying to expand its market share in the field of smart chips. It is another growing wafer free semiconductor enterprise that needs to revise the coefficient of pneumatic sensors every year after Hisilicon. At present, the United States and Taiwan, China manufacturers will compete in the market, and more Chinese Mainland enterprises will crowd in

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