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Mitsubishi Chemical test produces methanol from coal gas

Mitsubishi Chemical Company of Japan is considering establishing a pilot plant to test its operation to make it easier to produce methanol from coal gas for the production of dimethyl ether used in propylene

Mitsubishi Chemical Company of Japan is considering producing methanol from the by-product of coke production because its coking plant is located in Sakaide. Methanol will be transported by ship to Shuidao port, where it will be used as raw material for DME, where the tearing expansion speed is directly related to the tensile speed of the gripper, and will be used to produce propylene. The company has not yet decided when to launch the plan. The capacity of the device producing DME there is relatively small, but it is larger than that in the laboratory. Moreover, if the technology proves to be feasible, it will open up a way for commercial production devices in the future. Lower the piston for a distance

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