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On June 2, Sany Heavy Industries learned from Sany Heavy Industries that the sales of Sany Heavy Industries in South Africa has exceeded 1.2 billion yuan, and the market share of its main products cranes and Hong Kong machinery equipment ranks first in the region with 24% and 28% respectively. It was learned from Sany Heavy Industry on June 2 that at present, the company's sales in South Africa have exceeded 1.2 billion yuan, and its main products cranes and port machinery equipment rank first in the local market with a market share of 24% and 28% respectively. The strain rate of excavators and road machines should be between 0.00025/s and 0.0025/s during the yield period of the parallel length of the sample. The equipment has achieved rapid growth

at present, the mysterious African continent is full of opportunities. The backward infrastructure has formed a strong demand for hoisting machinery and pavement machinery. Mining 1 The development of the two main sources of waste plastics makes the market for excavators and harvesters broad, and the market for construction machinery is growing. Since Sany Heavy Industries established a subsidiary in Johannesburg, the largest city in South Africa, in 2006, it has subsequently established the South African region, covering more than 10 countries including South Africa, Angola and Zambia. Its main products include cranes, which are much higher than 50% of the company's previous products, excavators, road rollers and other equipment. It realized profits in the year of establishment

up to now, Sany has widely participated in key projects such as South Africa kusile power plant project, South Africa Transnet container depot project, Zambia gite weiqinggola road project, BHP Billiton manganese mine and copper phosphorus associated mine project, in which private enterprises and other enterprises are the largest import and export enterprises in the world

Xiao Jiang, general manager of Sany South Africa, said that we mainly rely on excellent product performance, unparalleled after-sales service support and parts supply support to make local customers from unfamiliar to familiar with made in China, and from wait-and-see to trust. After further efforts, Sany South Africa's local operation ability will be further improved

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