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Sany jumped to Longmen to rescue the Chilean mine disaster and set up a factory in Germany. Sany jumped to Longmen to rescue the Chilean mine disaster and set up a factory in Germany. Introduction: Sany broke through in the equipment manufacturing industry which is almost monopolized by state-owned enterprises. The reason for its success is that every step of the implementation of the enterprise strategy is just stepping on the drum. Liang Wengen's wish came true ahead of time. Eight years ago, when Sany Heavy Industry Co., Ltd. just landed a shares, Liang Wengen put forward his own idea

Sany Heavy Industry broke through the equipment manufacturing industry, which is almost monopolized by state-owned enterprises. The reason for its success is that the implementation of the enterprise strategy is just stepping on the drum at every step

Liang Wengen's wish was realized ahead of time. Eight years ago, when Sany Heavy Industry Co., Ltd. just landed in the A-share market, Liang Wengen put forward his own idea - he planned to use 10 years to build Sany Heavy Industry, which was still like a "self-employed enterprise" at that time, into a world-class multinational group with brand influence, and become one of the top three global construction machinery enterprises

it took less than 8 years to realize all this. In 2003, when Sany first entered the A-share market, its net assets were only 600million yuan. Eight years later, Sany's total assets reached 49.752 billion yuan, and its market value exceeded 100billion yuan - at least 130 times that at the beginning of listing. Sany's products have made a high-profile appearance in the name of Chinese brands in a series of large-scale international rescue activities. Undoubtedly, Sany has become a large company with international influence. In June this year, the factory built by SANY in Germany was officially put into operation, and sany completed the "qualitative transformation" of multinational enterprises

overseas strategy: go to Germany to open a factory on June 21, 2011, Sany Heavy Industries' factory in Germany was put into operation, which is a big step forward for Liang Wengen to become a large equipment manufacturing enterprise in the world. The Hunan businessman, who is nearly 60 years old, said that Sany's investment and construction in Germany, where there are strong players, aims to combine Sany's cost advantages with Germany's technical advantages, and have a place in the heart of global engineering technology through competition with strong players

this needs to be traced back to 2007. On one day in March and April of that year, the investment promotion agency of North Rhine Westphalia received an e-mail sent by Sany Heavy Industries, expressing its intention to find an open space in Germany to invest and build a factory

this email became the starting point for the marriage between North Wales and Sany Heavy Industry. However, North Wales and even Germany were not the only choice for Sany at first. Sany had visited other European countries before, but finally selected Germany, which represents the most high-end technology of today's construction machinery

Weidman gives people the first impression of being stern and unsmiling. As the manager of the investment promotion agency of North Wales in charge of China projects, he speaks a little low, but there is no lack of German humor. Moreover, the implementation of the Sany Heavy Industry Project has become part of his personal ambition: "we attach importance to the Sany Heavy Industry Project. It must be here. In addition to its large investment scale, I do not allow my competitors to get the project."

as the project manager, Weidman has always actively maintained close contact with Sany, and tried to meet any investment related requirements put forward by SANY, including helping to suggest the location of the factory and accompanying him to visit the land

in order to win the big customer Sany Heavy Industry, Weidman will fly to Shanghai with the mayor of beidebao, North Wales even for a talk; Hua Pei, general manager of the investment promotion agency of North Wales, once flew to Changsha twice with a local politician to visit Sany Heavy Industry Headquarters in the hope that they would invest in North Wales. Finally, Weidman's efforts with a little "selfishness" paid off. The excellent service finally made Sany choose North Wales. In May, 2008, Sany Heavy Industry registered a supplier in Cologne, the economic and cultural center of North Wales, to provide services to the orderer in time and set up a German branch. It plans to invest 100million euros to build a factory and establish a research and development center in beidelberg, an ancient and quiet town about 40 kilometers away from Cologne. The entire industrial park covers an area of 24.8 hectares

of course, the talent advantage is also one of the important reasons why Sany chose to set up factories in Germany. Hedongdong, chairman of Sany Germany Co., Ltd., said: "in the whole Europe, the capital of construction machinery should be in Germany, where it is easier to find talents. Secondly, Germany itself is also one of the largest markets."

to enter the German market and successfully set up factories and R & D centers, to some extent, Sany represents not only an enterprise behavior, but also a signal that China's equipment manufacturing industry is moving towards the strongest country in the world. Machinery manufacturing is one of the most innovative industries in Germany. At present, 28% of the global machinery manufacturing patents are applied for by German companies. It has 6100 companies in the value chain and more than 930000 well-trained technical employees

therefore, this move of Sany Heavy Industry has attracted the attention of Chinese state leaders. On january29,2009, Sany Heavy Industry and North Wales held a cooperation signing ceremony in Berlin, the capital of Germany. Wen Jiabao, member of the Standing Committee of the Political Bureau of the CPC Central Committee and Premier of the State Council, and Angela Merkel, a female Chancellor with a doctor of physics from eastern Germany, attended the signing ceremony

on June 21, 2011, two years later, the three-year-old German Industrial Park of Sany Heavy Industries was officially put into production. At the opening ceremony, in addition to the Minister of economy of North Wales, foxberg, the Chinese ambassador to Germany, wuhongbo, as well as xushousheng, deputy secretary of the CPC Hunan Provincial Committee and governor of Hunan Province, appeared

the governor, who was transferred to Hunan after the signing and foundation laying of Sany's German Industrial Park, spoke highly of Sany's performance: in recent years, Sany has vigorously implemented the internationalization strategy, made efforts to promote construction machinery products to the world, and actively built manufacturing plants and R & D centers overseas. The completion and operation of Sany Germany industrial park project will greatly enhance Sany's competitiveness in the European market, create new jobs for bedburg and contribute to the local economic and social development

job creation is also one of the issues considered by Weidman. He said that the personal ambition of not letting competitors succeed is not without principles. Under the reality that Europe as a whole is in debt crisis and the economy is in recession, Weidman said: "the most important thing is that Sany Heavy Industry has created a lot of jobs, because it is a manufacturing enterprise. Once established, it will create a lot of jobs." Weidman's explanation shows the fundamental reason why North Wales has spent so much energy to attract Sany

in fact, the establishment of Sany Heavy Industries in Germany has also injected fresh blood into the local economy. Many users do not know what to do with the exhibition. Since the signing in january2009, Sany Heavy Industry has completed the first phase of fixed asset investment of more than 40 million euros as planned, employing more than 100 German employees

after the completion of Sany's project in Germany, it has an annual output of 3000 construction machinery products, and is expected to achieve an annual sales revenue of 350million euros. For many guesses from the outside world, he Dongdong said that Sany has accumulated a certain confidence in the face-to-face confrontation with strong players. In 2009, Sany surpassed Putzmeister in Germany to become the largest concrete pump manufacturer in the world

further surpassing you on your territory has become Sany's great mission to enter Germany, and it is also an important step in Sany's overseas strategy

Capital strategy: from separation to entry into the market in November, 1994, Liang Wengen convened Sany's brothers stationed in Lianyuan and Changsha to hold a meeting at the Xiaoxiang City Hotel in Changsha to clarify the property rights of the two companies in different territories at that time. This is the first time that Liang Wengen and his four brothers tangxiuguo, maozhongwu, yuanjinhua and xiangwenbo have "divided their property" for many years

according to xiangwenbo, tangxiuguo and wangzuochun, it took 10 minutes for Liang Wengen to announce the plan and pass it. Liangwengen's plan is that liangwengen, Tang Xiuguo, Mao Zhongwu, Yuan Jinhua, zhaidengke, Wang zuochun, Xiang Wenbo and Zhou Fugui will each hold 21% of the shares of Lianyuan material factory, 20% of the shares, 11% of the shares, 5% of the shares, and 1% of the shares

at that time, Sany was still in a state of negative equity. Therefore, Liang Wengen let himself bear 56% of the "debt right". Tangxiuguo, yuanjinhua and Mao Zhongwu each accounted for 8%, xiangwenbo 7%, zhoufugui 12% and wangzuochun 1%

with regard to such a power sharing law, tangxiuguo and wangzuochun said: "no one raised any objection. Everyone thought that President Liang would not be too much even if he accounted for 50% of the total shares in Lianyuan material factory. He did not care about the interests of Lianyuan factory, let alone Changsha."

Liang Wengen decided to divide his "family property" in this way. To some extent, he let several brothers die together with him. In terms of the development of Sany after that, Liang Wengen's "separation and profit sharing" is the first step taken by SANY from a family enterprise to a modern institutional enterprise. Sany has changed from managing an enterprise by one person to managing an enterprise by a team, which is also the most basic joint-stock reform before Sany successfully landed in a shares. This year is 9 years before Sany went public

On June 18, 2003, nine years later, based on Liang Wengen's separation of "family property", a private enterprise became a private equity enterprise. Sany Heavy Industries' long-awaited listing plan finally came to fruition. However, it was nearly three years later than the listing of Zoomlion in Changsha and nearly seven years later than the listing of XCMG machinery controlled by XCMG group. Sany officially issued 60million shares in the initial public offering, with an issue price of 15.56 yuan per share, and actually raised nearly 900million yuan

technology strategy: before the listing of Sany Heavy Industry, Sany's situation was not very good. Its total assets were only 1.153 billion yuan, but its total liabilities were as high as 679million yuan, including 657million yuan of current liabilities. In the first three years, the main business income was not very high. It was 393million yuan in 2000, 550million yuan in 2001 and 985million yuan in 2002, but the growth rate was rapid. Except that the net profit exceeded 200million yuan in 2002, it was within 100million yuan in the first two years

as the leading product of Sany Heavy Industry, the domestic competition was extremely fierce at that time, including nearly 40 enterprises producing towed pumps and more than 10 enterprises producing pump trucks

although the sales revenue of Sany concrete pump truck has maintained a high-speed growth, and the growth rate in the three years before listing has exceeded 100%, with a year-on-year growth of 143.26% and 165.82% respectively, the initial Prospectus has not avoided this problem - with the saturation of the market and the expansion of the company's scale, there is a risk that the growth momentum of Sany's main business revenue will decline

from the perspective of subdivisions, Sany's drag pump products needed to face the competition between Zoomlion and Hubei Construction Machinery Co., Ltd. Pump truck products are even more competitive with Germany Putzmeister Machinery Co., Ltd. although both sides have proved that lightweight has an important positive significance for greenhouse gas emission reduction in the automotive industry, Hubei Jianji is among the top three in the domestic industry

the road roller needs to face more competitors, not only domestic brands XCMG and Luoyang Construction machinery, but also foreign brands

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