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On November 10, the Sixth China India Forum was held in Bangalore, India. Sany India Company (hereinafter referred to as "Sany India") has been deeply engaged in the "the Belt and Road" initiative with outstanding results, Won the "China India model" award of this forum. This is the second time that Sany Heavy Industry has won this award. It is also an enterprise that has won this award twice, which has become a highlight of this forum

Sany Heavy Industry has made outstanding achievements in "going global" and won the honor of "leading many investments to end with a conclusion and an example for China and India"

the China India Forum is a brand project of the Chinese people's Association for friendship with foreign countries and the China India Friendship Association, which has been held for six consecutive sessions. The forum was organized by experimental force: 10kN; Sponsored by the Chinese people's Association for friendship with foreign countries, China India Friendship Association and India Puda group. Liujinsong, Minister of the Chinese Embassy in India, zhengxiyuan, Consul General of China in Mumbai, deshpant, Minister of industry of Karnataka state of India, sudash deshayi, Minister of industry of Malaysia, and many representatives of Chinese and Indian enterprises attended the forum. Zhu Dacheng, chairman representative of Sany India, was invited to attend the event



at this forum, Sany's investment and cooperation achievements in India received extensive attention and praise. Since entering the Indian market in 2002, Sany Heavy Industry has relied on its regional advantages and its own strength to perfectly combine its own technology, experience and advantageous production capacity with "made in India". Its products are exported to more than 20 countries in the Middle East and Africa. At present, Sany India has achieved 100% growth in performance for three consecutive years, ranking first in the market share of truck cranes and rotary drills, second in pumping products and sixth in excavator products, with annual sales of more than 1.5 billion yuan

Sany India factory

has been deeply rooted in India for 16 years. In addition to insisting on product localization, Sany India has always insisted on talent localization. At present, more than 7% of Sany India's employees are local talents, ranging from the CEO and the head of the first-class department to the first-line employees with large voltage fluctuations. At the same time, Sany India has also set up Sany global training center to provide high-quality marketing service personnel for Sany branches around the world. Up to now, Sany India training center has conducted more than 100 training sessions and more than 2000 trainees

It is reported that the "China India Forum" is India's national economic and trade forum, which aims to promote economic and trade development, investment cooperation and cultural exchanges between China and India, realize the blending of history and culture between the two countries, and promote friendly exchanges between the two peoples. The "China India model" award is an award for enterprises and institutions that have made outstanding contributions to the investment cooperation between China and India. In addition to Sany India, other well-known Chinese enterprises such as MediaTek, Qualcomm and Xiaomi won the "China India model" award this time

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