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How to buy a good house is a knowledge. You should pay attention to Feng Shui when buying a house, and you should pay more attention to Feng Shui when decorating. House decoration Feng Shui is very important to people living in it. In fact, according to Feng Shui, there are many taboos in home decoration. There are many small details that we may not pay attention to at ordinary times. Some decoration taboos will interfere with your normal home life. There are also many things to pay attention to here. Those who buy a house must have a look

1. Doors and windows are not relative

in housing Feng Shui, the first is that the doors and windows of housing are not relative. In housing Feng Shui, there is a feng shui layout called "hiding wind and gathering gas". If the doors and windows of the housing are opposite, the air will not be able to hide wind and gather gas if it passes without leaving, and the gas field of the whole housing will be unstable

2. The house does not face the floor joint

in architecture, if two tall buildings are adjacent, there is a narrow floor joint in the middle, and there is no layout of the building behind the floor joint, it forms the tianzhesha. If your house faces the tianzhesha, it is vulnerable to the impact of the evil spirit, join the bad luck, and damage your health

3. There should be no straight cylindrical objects in front of the housing door

in geomantic omen, the geomantic layout with straight cylindrical objects in front of the housing door is called "chuanxinsha". The "chuanxinsha" has a heavy evil spirit, which has a great impact on the owner of the housing. Its fortunes become worse, it has the impact of spending money and hurting the body, and even a bloody disaster may occur in serious cases

4. The surrounding environment of the house should not be too yin or too Yang

places with heavy Yin mainly include hospitals, funeral homes and crematoria, and places with heavy Yang such as courts, public security bureaus, procuratorates, prisons and other judicial departments. If the housing is around these places, it is easy to be affected by yin or yang, and there will be invisible pressure in life

5. The housing area should not be too large

in the layout of housing Feng Shui, the biggest role of housing is to hide wind and gather gas. The housing with too large area is very empty, and it is not easy to achieve the effect of gathering gas. The effect of Feng Shui is poor, and the use of too large area is just a waste

there are 4 pages in total. Page 1 1234 next page 6. The study should not have garbage

in the Feng Shui layout, the study represents Wenchang, which is the place of Wenqu star. Therefore, if there is garbage in the study, it may pollute Wenchang, collide with Wenqu star, and have a bad impact on the user's study and career

7. Avoid sharp corners in housing

there are sharp corners in housing, which is easy to form sharp corners. In the Feng Shui layout, this kind of sharp angle evil is easy to cause people insomnia, dreaminess and inattention. Therefore, in the layout of housing Feng Shui, sharp corners should be avoided. If there are sharp corners in the house, wooden cabinets or low cabinets can be added to the empty corners

8. Clocks and watches should not be opposite the door

in China, everyone knows that the first meaning represented by clocks and watches is "clock", so in the layout of housing Feng Shui, clocks and watches cannot be placed directly opposite the door, because this is to open the door and see the clock, everything is quiet, and the impact is very bad

9. Air retention

houses with few windows or too many corrugated boards and iron windows have poor ventilation, so the dirty air flow is not easy to be discharged, which seems to be cocooned. Over time, harmful Yin Qi will form. If you stay in such a space for a long time, your body and mind will be damaged

10, too much convection

too much air convection, indoor wind is also a disadvantage. The wind can be poured directly from the front door to the back door, which is similar to the pattern of "Hall brake", which will take away Yang Qi and cause instability of the magnetic field. People live inside without the feeling of sheltering from the wind and rain. They are prone to instability and have no sense of security

11. Long and narrow pattern

long and narrow pattern houses are divided into many spaces in the middle and blocked by walls everywhere, making the air convection poor and lifeless. Also because the sun cannot shine evenly on each compartment, bad things may get stuck in the dark corners

12. There are too many plants

there are 4 pages in total. Page 1, 1234 next page. Although plants such as Kaiyun bamboo and evergreen have the function of bringing fortune, most plants are still "Yin". It is not a good thing to plant too many plants in the space. There are 4 pages in total, page 1 1234 next page

the quality of residential feng shui will directly affect the fortunes of residents, so when decorating a house, we should focus on residential Feng Shui to avoid violating Feng Shui taboos. If you want to make the geomantic omen of the house good and the fortunes of the residents prosperous, then when decorating the house, you should take into account the taboos of geomantic omen at home. Come and have a look with me

first, the ceiling of the porch is too low

the space of the porch is the key to air circulation, and it should be relatively spacious, so as to facilitate the air transportation at home. If the ceiling is too low, it is easy to cause a sense of oppression, which means that the family is easy to be suppressed, and it is difficult to get ahead one day, so the ceiling of the porch should be high rather than low

second, the attic of the villa is used as the bedroom

whether it is a villa or an ordinary residence, the most basic requirement of the bedroom is that the shape is square, and it cannot be polygonal or have beveled edges. If the attic is used as a bedroom, the beveled edge of the roof is easy to cause visual illusion, and the polygonal bedroom pattern formed by the beveled edge will also increase people's mental burden, and people living in this house are prone to diseases or accidents. Therefore, if you want to make effective use of the attic of the villa, it is recommended to use it as a storage room

third, the roof inclination is too large

generally, there will be no geomantic problems on the roof, but now there are some European and American style houses, whose roofs have extreme slopes and shapes, forming a sinister look from the face. The triangular roof with a large inclination or the roof with a slope is called "cold shoulder house", which is not conducive to the Feng Shui pattern of wealth accumulation. The sharper the roof, the greater the negative impact. The triangular roof with great inclination will make the air flow inside and outside the house abnormal; A sloping roof will bias the intake of external air, making the frequency of the body unbalanced. Living under this deformed roof for a long time, it is easy to become neurotic and hysterical, and eventually become depressed and ill

IV. stairs and doors rush

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