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Taiwan is an island surrounded by the sea, in which a large number of new fashion designs have been derived. To own a luxury house in Taiwan, we need to buy a set of imported furniture. Where we can buy imported furniture in Taiwan, of course, we have to start with our Italian house Taiwan station (

Italian home is a platform with more than 3900 European brands and tens of thousands of imported furniture products. In this platform, users can buy their own satisfactory imported furniture, building materials, jewelry and other brand products

among them, the most typical representative is the Italian brand furniture Minotti, which has a history of 60 years. Especially in the manufacturing industry of armchairs and sofas, he represents the unique design style of Italian furniture, elegant, fashionable and appreciative, especially his indoor products. Every detail is a perfect design

the inherent core values of the company are the driving force for it to continuously provide Italian designed products to global consumers. It is a culture of creative use of production technology, which requires us to use new technologies to create unique products, including precious details, unprecedented shapes, conservative traditions and fashionable and elegant temperament. This is also the reason why consumers have chosen us for many years.

producing durable products with personality depends on selected materials and appropriate design elements. Minotti provides an elegant and unique design model for furniture manufacturing. Brand characteristics endow new products with unique value, making them become consumers' necessities, life partners and style icons. This is what Italian home provides users with a high-end living space




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