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The quotations of different decoration companies vary greatly for the same house and the same decoration content. People from the decoration also introduced that as long as the decoration starts, the home decoration budget is constantly increasing. How to avoid budget overruns

1. Big tabloids. Deliberately understating a large number of projects will depress the total quotation

2. Budget mixed with water: it is to combine multiple projects so that the owner can't understand them. For example, separate the projects, combine the main materials, auxiliary materials and labor costs, so that the owner can't refer to the market price and labor guidance price

3. Report or not. Some fixed items necessary for decoration are deliberately omitted from the budget, such as line reconstruction, heating disassembly and assembly, lamp installation and other projects, which are often not reported in the budget, but appear as additional items

4. Intentional misinformation. Taking advantage of the fact that consumers don't know the specialty, they deliberately put some obsolete processes or practices into the budget, such as changing the door pocket width in the middle of the way, and requiring to increase the wall lining instead of using water-resistant putty as agreed

5. Details are not marked. The decoration process is complex, and the process used is related to the main materials. After the main materials are clear, the process is difficult to modify. Some designers blur the main materials in the quotation, but in the actual construction, if consumers put forward the brand selection scheme of main materials, the budget will naturally increase

6. Process correction. After the price of the process is agreed in the contract, the decorators use the excuse that the original process is not suitable for the quality requirements put forward by consumers to induce consumers to change the original process

7. Inappropriate use of materials and process practices: the budget often uses only simple project names, material varieties, prices and quantities, which provides convenience for a few irregular home decoration companies to cut corners and make shoddy products

8. The brand, model and specification of materials are not clearly marked or the brand is not marked with model and specification: in fact, there are significant differences in the quality grade, grade and price of unified brand materials

9. High material price: This is easy to understand, that is, the quotation of materials is falsely high, and there are repeated and false declarations of processes

10. Relevant fees are unreasonable: such as mechanical wear and tear fees, site management fees, profits, etc




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