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Home is people's eternal harbor. After busy work every day, people hope to return home - in this environment where people's body and mind are completely relaxed

different and fresh buildings of all rich and powerful families

real estate: Yipin international

house type: flat floor

Design Description: home is people's eternal harbor. After busy work every day, people hope to return home - this environment that makes people's body and mind completely relaxed. The owner hopes to have a relaxed and fashionable living space. Therefore, the designer may use some bright colors to decorate the vitality of the space in the design. Flowers and green plants are also necessary decorative elements. The curtain also adopts the fresh pastoral style, with simple and personalized modeling, and strives to create a noble and quiet indoor space

case: Xinye Molike curtain store

living room: magnificent decoration and strong colors, presenting a relaxed space where freshness, elegance and atmosphere coexist. The concise TV background wall, gorgeous curtains, classical carpet patterns and ceilings echo each other from afar, and the simple and generous sofa forms a world of aesthetic privacy

restaurant: bright crystal lights highlight the rich sense of hierarchy of the ceiling. The dining room connected with the living room uses the same type of curtains and home decorations, extending the fresh and elegant atmosphere throughout the space. The solid wood wine cabinet creates a simple classical texture. The owner pours a glass of red wine here, which can immediately relieve the fatigue of the day

study: it is simple and practical, but the soft decoration is quite rich. All kinds of furnishings symbolizing the owner's life experience are available. Even decorations, these things are enough to add points to the study

master room: on the premise of continuing the overall naturalistic style in the design, more quiet sleeping elements are added, such as brown and black in color, and high-end upholstered bedding improves the comfort function of the bedroom

old people's room: the designer skillfully uses the decorative elements of line and surface. The curtain adds the shape of pendant to the design of flat curtain head, and the same method is applied to different positions and materials, which reflects different feelings. The space is stable and elegant, and the Chinese style and Western style are well connected

boys' room: the boy is lively and has become a fan. Seeing football elements and bright colors fully limit the true feelings of sunshine boys





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