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The cold wind blows, and the arrival of December makes the little friends from all over the world enter such a season one after another - the season when warm babies and down jackets are inseparable

I believe everyone has such a wish that this winter, home can be warmer. Speaking of this, I have to say that whether in the South or the north, you should know a thermal artifact, heating and air conditioning can form the best CP with it

it is the "new favorite" in home architecture. It is also known as the broken bridge aluminum doors and windows of heat insulation doors and windows. So, how does it achieve heat insulation? Now let Xiaobian lead you to find out

how to keep the indoor temperature as much as possible? When the air conditioner is turned on, it is as warm as spring, and when the air conditioner is turned off, it cools down quickly. How to smooth the small emotions intertwined with love and hate between yourself and the air conditioner? To solve this problem, you must first find the main reason for the rapid loss of indoor heat - doors and windows, and how to reduce building energy consumption

in the whole building, doors and windows are the most critical place to reduce energy consumption. Outdoor cold air will penetrate through the doors and windows, and indoor heat will flow out through the window glass. Therefore, strengthening the cold resistance of doors and windows is the top priority. At this time, you need a broken bridge aluminum door and window. According to the analysis, in winter, the broken bridge aluminum door and window can reduce 1/3 of the heat lost through the door and window

then, the question is, how do the bridge broken aluminum doors and windows achieve thermal insulation? Bridge cutoff aluminum doors and windows are disconnected with a substance with low thermal conductivity (thermal insulation strip) in the middle of the aluminum profile, which artificially blocks the heat transfer path of the aluminum profile. At the same time, technical measures such as insulating glass are configured to greatly improve the thermal insulation and energy-saving effect of bridge cutoff aluminum doors and windows

and it adopts the soft combination of inner and outer frames of heat insulation profile. The frame adopts the three sealing form of one rubber strip and two wool strips, which is tightly closed, with excellent air tightness, water tightness and heat preservation performance

doors and windows adopt hollow glass structure, which is composed of two or more layers of flat glass. Filled with inert gas argon, the windows truly show excellent sound insulation, heat insulation, heat preservation and function

hollow glass structure is adopted, and its thermal conductivity coefficient is 2.0 ~ 3.59w/m2 · K, which is much lower than that of ordinary aluminum alloy profile 6.69 ~ 6.84w/㎡ · K, effectively reducing the heat transmitted through doors and windows

in a warm winter, hold a book and immerse yourself in reading. With the sunshine of Hexi, you can enjoy the golden house, even more beautiful; Or brew a cup of tea, sometimes smash it, slightly close your eyes, slowly swallow, as if thinking; Or take a couple of friends together to talk about the world, and there is a strong momentum of pointing out the country

broken bridge aluminum doors and windows have many advantages, such as environmental protection, compression resistance, heat insulation, energy conservation, sound insulation, noise prevention, dust prevention, waterproof and so on. Moreover, broken bridge aluminum doors and windows have considerable advantages over other doors and windows, and have been widely recognized and favored by consumers since they were listed

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