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As the consumer demand of the public shows diversified and personalized characteristics, the related loan industry has also made adjustments to meet the expanding and abundant loan demand of borrowers by constantly enriching the types and forms of loan products. For this reason, many loan banks or companies will provide personal housing decoration loans to borrowers, and meet the borrowers' desire to decorate their homes by providing certain housing decoration funds to borrowers who meet the loan conditions. So, what conditions do personal housing decoration loans need to meet

although different lending banks or companies have different regulations on this, the general loan application conditions are as follows:

1. The borrower must be an adult Chinese citizen over the age of 18 (except Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan), hold a second-generation ID card, and have full civil capacity

2. The borrower has stable work and income, good credit status, and has a certain repayment ability

3. The borrower holds the house purchase and sale contract or purchase invoice of the house to be decorated to prove that the borrower really holds the ownership of the house to be decorated

4. The borrower will prepare all the decoration loan application materials required by the relevant regulations of the loan bank or the company, such as the borrower's identity certificate, work certificate, residence certificate, personal credit investigation, etc., to prove the borrower's true identity and ensure the legal and smooth progress of the loan. The borrower also needs to prepare materials such as the decoration project contract and the purchase of decoration materials contract signed with the decoration enterprise, as well as the business license and qualification certificate of the decoration enterprise, to prove that the actual purpose of the borrower's decoration loan is indeed to pay the expenses related to the decoration of the house

in addition to the above decoration loan application conditions, different loan banks or companies also have different regulations. Therefore, the borrower should do a good job in understanding the relevant specific information, so as to ensure that he meets the application conditions of the decoration loan and can successfully handle the decoration loan





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