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Multifunctional laundry

steam washing, bubble washing, air washing, silver ion washing, ultrasonic washing &hellip& hellip; Nowadays, the washing machine is no longer a single function household appliance that only completes the washing task. With the improvement of people's quality of life, the special functions attached to the washing machine body have attracted more and more attention& ldquo; I want to buy a washing machine, but I feel dizzy after walking around the store& rdquo; In the face of various new functions and concepts launched by various first-line brands, Miss Lin Chen, a citizen, has some “ Dizzy ”: The price of these washing machines ranges from several hundred yuan to tens of thousands of yuan. What's the difference? Is it just because of the different concept of washing

it is found that most citizens will still buy washing machines with relatively few functions and simple operation, that is to say, they have “ Washing + drying ” And other main functions. So, are the new functions that washing machine manufacturers are trying to innovate all chicken ribs

simple function, affordable and easy to sell

“ Today's washing machines have too many functions, up to more than 20& rdquo; The promoters of a store recommended a washing machine with various functions, such as air washing, self programming, digital tube display, rust prevention, sterilization, mute, etc. When a reporter asks “ Air washing ” When the salesperson explained what it meant for a long time, the reporter still didn't understand it; At the same time, the numerous function keys on the operation panel of the washing machine make people look rather headache. In the interview, the reporter learned that most citizens have a deep understanding of these “ High tech ” Washing machines are puzzling, and many citizens even think that this is a gimmick for manufacturers to deceive people. Not only are these advanced functions difficult to use, but also the price is much higher

“ I bought a drum washing machine with many functions last year. But usually, you just stuff your clothes in, put detergent in the slot and press ‘ Start ’ Key, I feel that other functions are useless& rdquo; Ms. Wang, a citizen, said that when buying household appliances in the future, she would try to choose something simpler to operate. The words of the salesperson also confirmed this. The sales manager of the store told the reporter that in general, most consumers prefer to buy washing machines with simple functions and affordable prices. Nowadays, although drum washing machines are becoming more and more popular, wave wheel washing machines still occupy an absolute share of the low-end market





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