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The hot situation of door and window investment promotion shopping malls has led to increasingly fierce shopping malls competition, and major door and window franchise companies are doing their best to expand the ways of investment promotion. The so-called "whoever gets the way, gets the whole country!" Investment invitation and joining has undoubtedly become the first choice for major door and window companies to expand their shopping malls. Whoever owns more franchise stores will have more say in the future professional competition

however, door and window companies need to pay attention to refining the company's selling points when attracting investment. The so-called selling points are the common selling propositions of brands or commodities. Door and window companies need to refine the selling points accurately, in place, and master differentiation

finding precise selling points is conducive to the docking of shopping malls

the bosses of many door and window companies sell or produce their own experience. At the beginning of the establishment of door and window companies, they will develop and plan many advantages for their own goods. When you ask about the company's selling points, they will list more than ten, so every company has many selling points. However, in fact, if there are too many selling points, there will be no selling points. Because there are too many selling points, it is not conducive to the dissemination, the cultivation of their own central competitiveness, and the precise docking of shopping malls. For more companies, refining commodity selling points requires subtraction to find the most moving point in all selling points

add more on service selling points

when door and window companies are looking for investment selling points, they will knowingly look for them from the commodity level, but neglect to look for them from the service level. Dealers also gradually understand that it is not difficult to find a manufacturer with good goods and hard power, but it may be difficult to find a manufacturer with good service and soft power. Therefore, when refining the selling points of investment promotion, we should add more efforts to the service selling points

form a differentiated reference with competitors

the investment attraction selling points in the operation of shopping malls must not be self pity, and it is necessary to form a reference and difference with competitors. Before that, we should also recognize who our competitors are. Peers are not equal to competitors, as long as those who are more in line with our positioning and policies are our competitors. When put together with competitive brands, you must have your own common advantages. Here, it is not recommended that small and medium-sized companies follow the strategy, but must have their own common ideas. Thinking about what others haven't thought about, saying what others haven't said, and doing what others haven't done is the so-called "division" and "differentiation"

find the hidden needs of customers from the cost level

the refinement of investment promotion selling points of door and window enterprises is the same as the selection of shopping malls and consumers, so it can also be refined from the door and window consumers and users. From the perspective of cost, it is important to find the hidden needs of customers. When the end-user's cost needs are found in place and meet the company's own advantages, we can hit ten with one blow. This is related to the "multiplication" of brand portrayal. Every time we find an accurate point, we can get double benefits





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