Analysis and treatment of common faults of ink-jet

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Analysis and treatment of common faults of ink-jet printer ink cartridge (II)

fault III. The reason why the print head is blocked. The main machine is stable and reliable. If the print head is not transferred to the consumer because it does not return to the protective cover or does not enter the new ink cartridge in time, the print head is exposed in the air for too long, and the residual ink is blocked due to air drying, you can call the printer's own cleaning function to clean it. If the blockage is serious, only professional cleaning or scrapping can be carried out

fault IV. color distortion


1. The ink cartridge is out of color, that is, the ink of a certain color has been exhausted, which can be seen at a glance through nozzle detection

2. The printer set in the computer is inconsistent with the printer currently used

3. If the above reasons are not true, please check whether the developed high-strength long rod porcelain composite insulator for UHV transmission line is set as ink saving mode or resumed printing

4. Color distortion is also related to computer color management, screen resolution, printer resolution and print media

5. The printer you use requires two or more ink cartridges. Please check whether it is of the same brand. Because the ink color of the same brand has good complementarity and coordination, so as to ensure the reproduction of its color

fault 5. The picture is rough. Not delicate and smooth


1. The printing medium is poor, and the ink is easy to penetrate

2. The set resolution is low, which reduces the print quality while improving the speed

3, disconnection; After being confirmed by nozzle inspection, it can be eliminated by cleaning once or twice

fault VI. the self-test does not work, but the printed picture is seriously colored, or the overall effect of the picture is very good, but there will be irregular thin lines in some uncertain places. The reason is that the printer driver or picture is infected by a virus, which has nothing to do with the ink cartridge. Just reinstall the printer driver or replace the picture with a virus

fault VII. The nozzle detection is normal, but the print line is always broken


if you carefully observe the nozzle detection pattern, it is not difficult to find that the pattern is somewhat disordered, which is caused by the deflection of the print head. Call the print head calibration tool in the application tool once or several times until you ensure that the print head has been calibrated

fault VIII. Long time transportation and storage in high or low temperature environment is one of the main reasons why the ink cartridge deteriorates or cannot spray ink. Before use, it must be placed at room temperature for a period of time, otherwise it may not spray ink

fault IX. unless the ink cartridge is replaced, please do not open the ink box at will, otherwise it is easy to cause the ink cannot be sprayed due to air entering the ink cartridge, and it needs to be cleaned for many times before normal printing

fault X. ink leakage: as soon as the new ink cartridge is on the machine, a large amount of ink leaks out from the ink jet hole, polluting the printer and easily burning the motherboard. This is a quality problem of the ink cartridge, and the ink cartridge should be replaced immediately. (end)

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