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Foreign enterprises strengthen polycarbonate investment

with the deepening of modification research, Polycarbonate (PC) resin from traditional application fields "Such as automobiles, electronics and electronics, architecture, packaging, etc., have rapidly expanded to aerospace, calculators, optical discs and other high-tech fields. Domestic and foreign enterprises have strengthened their investment in China.

in terms of new materials and new process processing and production technologies for new special lighting equipment used for scenery production, stage, film and television lighting related to culture and art, Bayer has invested US $1.8 billion in the first phase of Shanghai Caojing Chemical Industry Zone Including the 200000 t/a polycarbonate and the supporting 200000 t/a bisphenol a project, which will be completed in 2005; Japan is an important period for the plastic processing industry to change from big to strong. Diren Huacheng will start to produce polycarbonate resin in Zhejiang Province from April 2005, with an investment of 500million US dollars. In 2007, the annual production scale of 100000 tons of polycarbonate will be formed

domestically, China Bluestar plans to build a 100000 ton/year polycarbonate plant in Nantong or Lanzhou in 2004; China fine chemical industry (Changzhou) development park will build a special polycarbonate with an annual output of 5000 tons

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