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The entry of foreign enterprises has promoted the development of China's machine tool industry

since China implemented reform and opening up, China's machine tool industry, which is related to the national economy and national defense security, has also taken this east wind and embarked on a new development path. The cooperation and coexistence between China's machine tool industry and its international counterparts has gone through a gradual process

the cooperation began on August 9, 1979. Jinan No.1 Machine tool factory signed an agreement with Yamazaki Mazak Co., Ltd. on processing of supplied drawings and samples and cooperative resale; Then, domestic enterprises introduced technology from foreign enterprises, such as Beijing Machine Tool Research Institute introduced 5 and 7 Series CNC systems, DC servo motors and other technologies from Fujitsu FANUC in 1980; In 1992, China's reform and opening-up efforts were intensified. In order to speed up the development of the machine tool industry, the State Council specially approved and transmitted the "opinions on several measures to revitalize pending basic machinery and basic parts" issued by the State Development Planning Commission and the Ministry of machinery and electronics. In addition, the domestic manufacturing industry is booming, the machine tool market is expanding rapidly, and enterprises inside and outside the industry have set up offices in China; After 2000, the trend of many foreign-funded enterprises setting up factories in China is more obvious

Up to now, foreign enterprises have become a beautiful scenic spot in China's machine tool industry

The reform and opening-up policy has provided fertile soil for foreign enterprises in China, and many foreign enterprises have also put forward the slogan of "rooted in China and deeply cultivated in China". Recently, this magazine interviewed emark machine tools (Taicang), Shure group, Spencer China, Baichao China, Dalian index, Walter, iscar and other enterprises, and let us listen to the voices of these enterprises, explore their growth stories, and pass the test of samples and their views on the Chinese market

christophhoene, Asia Pacific director of EMAG Machine Tool Co., Ltd.:

speaking of the development of Emag in China, from the perspective of machine tool sales, it has doubled several times compared with when it first entered this market more than 10 years ago. In order to better serve the Chinese market, in 2004, we chose Jiangsu Province to establish emark machine tool (Taicang) Co., Ltd., which mainly produces inverted turning centers, and set up offices in Shanghai, Beijing, Chongqing, Guangzhou and Wuhan

EMAC group owns many international well-known brands such as naxosunion, Kopp, SW, kopfer, and its products include vertical turning centers, machining centers, grinders and hobbing machines

it can be said with great confidence that our machine tools are highly competitive in both China and the world, especially the "inverted turning centers" (VL, VSC Series) with chuck diameters from 160mm to 1200mm, which have always maintained a leading position in the industry. This turning center is the right-hand assistant for mass production of disc workpieces. Its inverted spindle and automatic measurement system ensure high stability and precision during machining. Using it for hard turning can achieve high-quality grinding quality

stefanbuchm ü ller, general manager and chairman of Schuler group in China:

strictly speaking, Schuler group has a history of more than 100 years in China. In 1895, we provided China with the first coin making press. In the early 1990s, we had our own production base in China. After the acquisition of Miller wanjiadun company, we have seven branches in China and two large production bases in Dalian and Shanghai to provide equipment for the global market

this development practice shows that the importance of the Chinese market is increasing. In fact, China has become the second largest sales market of our forming and processing equipment, and Shure China also plays a strategic role in parts processing in our global production system

very confidently, we are also the pioneer of innovation in small equipment

since the introduction of the new generation of automatic blanking and forming presses with servo drives, we have sold more than 40 such equipment (mainly sold to Europe). Because the servo press is highly flexible and efficient, we are also optimistic about its market prospect in Asia

for us, the rapid development of China's machine tool industry is very gratifying, because this is part of the history of true success. China's opening-up policy also brings great opportunities to Shure. Our equipment plays a key role in all walks of life, and these industries benefit from people's growing demand

in addition, China is also of fundamental significance to Shure. From this point of view, we also want to expand other markets in Asia

It has been more than 10 years since iscarchina was founded, and it has grown up with the reform and opening up in China: from the initial five person team and a market of two or three million US dollars, it has developed into today's scale of 80 employees and annual sales of 60 or 70 million US dollars

ten years ago, we had only two offices in Beijing and Shanghai. Now we have established branches in 15 major industrial cities, and the business volume is increasing at a rate of 20-30% every year. Eight years ago, a bonded warehouse was established in Waigaoqiao, Shanghai, to provide door-to-door services for customers. One year ago, as an important step in iscar's global strategy, it invested 28million US dollars to build an ISO blade factory in Dalian, and set up a technology center, training center and non-standard tool production department. In 10 years, iscar has become a brand familiar, recognized and loved by Chinese users

when people talk about iscar, they will think of multi-functional overlord knives. In fact, our products have already gone beyond this, from grooving and cutting to turning, milling, boring, drilling, reaming and tool systems. In terms of product technology, from the first self clamping cutter through the guide roller, to the "overlord cutter" that triggered the change in the concept of metal cutting, and then to the trend leading spiral edge indexable milling cutter, "chameleon" drill, "Transformers" milling cutter, "Butterfly" milling cutter, "flying saucer" milling cutter, "wind fire wheel" milling cutter and beam magic series - in fact, after completing the full series of tool product lines, Iscar has completed its product line coverage in a wider range of fields

199 can be directly connected to 8 single ended imitations for 5 years, and Walter officially entered China. In these years, all well-known tool manufacturers have come to China. Many competitors and new products make the market more and more complex, and the market growth rate is slowing down, and next year may be more difficult. While Walter focuses on high-end processing and constantly introduces new tools to help customers improve their competitiveness. And we will also focus on cultivating a group of our own management, technical and business talents. Localization has become an important development direction. Within five years, our sales in China will still double

at present, the mold industry is still the largest application industry of Walter tools. However, our most promising application is the energy industry, especially wind power generation. At present, the Chinese government has financial subsidies in this field. 10 in recent years, the industry has actively transformed and upgraded traditional processes, and this subsidy may be cancelled after one year. However, it is believed that by then, the industry has established a complex and stable foundation. For Walter, the workpiece to be processed is becoming more and more complex, and new technologies and products must be constantly developed to meet the challenges

index has a history of 100 years. It has unique advantages in product design, processing and component quality level, and has always adhered to the most high-end route. In 2007, the total global sales revenue of our group reached 500million euros. In China, our business covers Northeast China, Shanghai, central China and central and western regions

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