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Analysis of the development status of China's lighting engineering industry in 2018 is in the primary development stage. Leading enterprises have not yet formed

lighting engineering refers to the combination of design and construction, using natural light or artificial lighting systems to meet the lighting requirements in a specific light environment. Lighting engineering also includes the R & D and production of lighting products, photometric and colorimetric measurement and visual evaluation, which we hope will be helpful to you. Lighting engineering covers science, technology, culture, economy and other fields, involving optics, electricity, aesthetics, architecture, computer science and other disciplines. It is not only a comprehensive and systematic project, but also a new frontier discipline

the upstream industry of the lighting engineering industry is the supply of lighting engineering raw materials, mainly including the supply of LED lighting products and other engineering materials. Downstream customers mainly include the government, real estate developers and other construction entities. The midstream industry includes lighting engineering design enterprises and lighting engineering construction enterprises

analysis of the industrial chain of the lighting engineering industry

source: the forward looking Industry Research Institute collates

predicts that the market scale of China's lighting engineering industry will be close to 500 billion in 2019

in the future, with the deepening of China's urbanization process and the improvement of market demand, including the drive of large-scale activities, the plastic granulator of urban facilities is also China's major energy consumer upgrade, the drive of night travel economy, the construction of characteristic towns, Landscape lighting is valued, which will jointly promote the rapid development of the lighting engineering industry. According to the statistical data of the "analysis report on market prospect prediction and investment strategic planning of China's lighting engineering industry" released by the prospective industry research institute, the sample is trimmed to a regular shape; No matter what method moping used, the sampling showed that as of 2017, the market scale of China's lighting engineering industry was 382.97 billion yuan, an increase of 11.85% year-on-year. It is predicted that the market scale of China's lighting engineering industry will be close to 500billion yuan in 2019. It is predicted that by 2024, the market scale of China's lighting engineering industry will reach 768.4 billion yuan

statistics on the market scale of China's lighting engineering industry in

before the development of such new molding materials and prediction

from the development stage at home and abroad, China's lighting engineering is in the growth stage, while developed countries have entered the mature stage; In terms of construction scale, China is still gradually expanding the scope of construction, while developed countries are mainly engaged in the reconstruction of key areas and the collection of leftovers and omissions; In terms of capital sources, China is mainly government finance, and gradually adds social investment. The sources of funds in developed countries are more diverse. In addition, developed countries generally have relatively perfect plans, while China is still beginning to prepare plans

the market concentration of the industry is low, and the merger and integration between enterprises are accelerated.

the professional contracting qualification of urban and road lighting engineering is divided into level 1, level 2 and level 3. The qualification has certain requirements for enterprise assets, key personnel and engineering performance. The special qualification for lighting engineering design is mainly used for enterprises engaged in lighting engineering design. The grade is divided into Grade A and grade B. the special qualification for lighting engineering design of grade B is issued by the Department of construction, and grade A is issued by the Ministry of construction. The double-A qualification is the guarantee of the design level and technical construction strength of lighting engineering enterprises. Holding the double-A qualification has a great plus effect on the enterprise's business contracting, project winning and project scale

as of October, 2018, there are 66 enterprises with two qualifications, namely "grade I professional contracting of urban and road engineering" and "grade a special lighting engineering design", which are distributed in seven regions of China. They are mainly distributed in East China and North China, with 25 and 23 enterprises respectively

generally speaking, the lighting engineering industry has low concentration and fierce competition, and has not yet formed a national leading enterprise. Domestic landscape lighting engineering enterprises with large scale and leading technology are mainly concentrated in first tier cities such as Beijing, Shanghai and Shenzhen, as well as developed regions such as Jiangsu and Zhejiang, with obvious regional market characteristics

these enterprises with better development and larger scale in developed regions are constantly establishing leading advantages and pursuing leading positions through mergers and acquisitions and industrial integration. For example, in April 2018, mingjiahui purchased 55% equity of Zhejiang Yongqi Lighting Engineering Co., Ltd. for 248 million yuan

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