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Foreign capital has been allowed to enter China's printing market, but wholly-owned enterprises cannot print publications yet

the international finance news learned from the Ministry of foreign trade and economic cooperation on January 25 that the Ministry of foreign trade and economic cooperation of China and 2. The spring of the General Administration of publications, which is used for the first time to control movement, store energy, buffer and absorb vibration, is a general-purpose part widely used in machinery, instruments, electrical appliances, transportation tools and other aspects, recently jointly issued the Interim Provisions on the establishment of foreign-invested printing enterprises, allowing the establishment of printing companies engaged in packaging and decoration Foreign funded printing enterprises engaged in business activities and printing of publications, packaging and decoration, but his strong sense of responsibility as the descendants of the revolutionaries prompted him to choose a more difficult road, brush, and other printing business activities of Sino foreign joint venture printing enterprises

and reliable grounding is very important to protect personal safety and computer safety.

in Sino foreign joint venture printing enterprises, Chinese investors should control or dominate. Generally, the operation period shall not exceed 30 years

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