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Foreign capital intensive latent packaging paper industry may be monopolized by oligarchs again

since this year, large foreign-funded paper enterprises have been frequently acquired in the domestic packaging paper market. On April 26, international paper acquired the Asia packaging business of aishengya with us $200million in cash; On June 22, Nippon Paper Group acquired 12% equity of Liwen paper, the second largest packaging paper manufacturer in China, for HK $3.55 billion

packaging paper can be roughly divided into four categories: white board, white card, carton board and kraft paper. At present, Nine Dragons Paper, which has a US funded background, and Liwen paper, a Japanese funded shareholder, have become the second largest player in box board and kraft paper. They have continuously developed apps that have been deeply rooted in China for many years in terms of intelligence and automation, and have also done a lot in terms of white cards. Will packaging paper become another target of foreign investment after paper and coated paper

caozhenlei, Secretary General of China Paper Association, pointed out that the paper industry may form an oligopoly

foreign capital sneaks

sun paper plans to jointly initiate and establish a Sino Foreign Cooperation Co., Ltd. with a registered capital of US $100 million with international paper. The newly established company is invested 45% by sun paper and 55% by international paper, mainly engaged in the production and sales of food packaging cardboard, with a total investment of no more than US $300million and an annual production capacity of about 400000 tons

expand and strengthen entrepot trade and duty-free oil supply business

new projects will be launched in Yanzhou. Previously, international paper and sun paper have jointly built projects in Yanzhou with an annual output of 450000 tons of high-grade cigarette cards, social cards, copper cards and 400000 tons of sterile liquid packaging paperboard. After the acquisition of aishengya, the number of international paper factories in Asia has increased to 27, including 21 in China. After the completion of the joint venture with sun paper, the number of international paper factories in China will reach 22

last year, our sales volume in Asia reached 1billion US dollars, mainly contributed by China's packaging plants. Josie Zheng, head of the international paper media liaison office, said

according to the statistical data of China Paper Association, since 2000, the fastest growing varieties of paper production and consumption in China are cardboard and corrugated base paper. Last year, China's carton board output was 17.3 million tons and consumption was 18.09 million tons, an increase of 13.07% and 12.71% respectively year-on-year; The production of corrugated base paper was 17.15 million tons, and the consumption was 17.58 million tons, an increase of 12.83% and 13.27% respectively over the previous year

Zhang Yin, chairman of Nine Dragons Paper, predicts that the sales volume of Nine Dragons Paper will reach 7million tons in fiscal 2010, 8-8.5 million tons in 2011 and 9.5-10 million tons in 2012, respectively, of which the proportion of high-end paper products will increase to 30%, which can drive the net profit growth of 25% - 30% in the next three years

Josie Zheng revealed that international paper's acquisition of aishengya has ended, the relevant management has been integrated into the international paper packaging division, and the former headquarters of aishengya has also been moved to the Shanghai office headquarters of international paper

joint venture yangmou

in order to avoid excessively lengthening the product line and reducing risks, domestic listed paper enterprises often choose to develop packaging paper in the form of joint ventures. Through joint ventures, foreign paper enterprises can quickly occupy the market

the original production scale of "local paper enterprises" is what they value. Give some money, add some equipment, and then run it in, and it will soon be put into production. According to the above-mentioned senior management of sun paper, the domestic packaging paper field is in the stage of expansion, and both foreign and Chinese capital are running around

however, the wishful thinking of a joint venture is not easy to sound

the dispute between Chenming and arnovigens joint venture, which has been bustling for more than a year, finally came to an end last month. Chenming paper was infringed by the final judgment of Shandong Higher People's court

the joint venture was established in October, 2005. At that time, arnovigens company held 70% of the shares through hkk2 company registered in Hong Kong, China, while Chenming held the remaining 30%. However, less than a year after it was put into operation, the joint venture stopped production for various reasons, and both parties finally went to court

Xu Xinjian, deputy general manager of Arnold Wiggins Chenming Special Paper Co., Ltd., believes that the differences in management concepts between Chinese and foreign cultures and shareholders lead to contradictions. Now, we are talking with Chenming and want to buy all their shares. Xu Xinjian told that due to the shutdown, the monthly losses of the joint venture company should first browse the "operation manual" and then check whether the accessories, tools and accompanying documents are complete according to the packing list, amounting to more than 8 million yuan

the above-mentioned senior management of Sun Paper admitted that the cooperation between sun paper and international paper had also produced contradictions, which had something to do with half a year, but it gradually got better through communication

in addition, the rising international pulp prices are another pressure for paper enterprises. With the recovery of the world economy, the international pulp price has risen from 340 US dollars/ton in the second quarter of last year to nearly 1000 US dollars/ton at present

Yang Guodong, Secretary of Bohui paper industry, said that due to the rise in production costs, the company's main product white cardboard had been raised twice in the first quarter, with a total price increase of more than 10%. For those packaging paper enterprises that buy cardboard from third parties, they also feel the pressure

the price of paper and pulp in the whole market is going up, so we will keep in line with the trend of the whole market. Josie Zheng said that at present, the profit of the carton industry is very thin, and the international paper industry will absorb the increase of upstream costs by reducing costs and raising prices

Su Jian, a sales engineer of smurfi stone East (Dongguan) Co., Ltd., said that at present, the cow card has risen from the lowest 3500 yuan/ton to 4500 yuan/ton today. The pricing power lies with nine dragons and Levin, and we have no choice

in the past two months, Nine Dragons Paper has successively announced the launch of 2million tons of packaging paper and 2million tons of carton board projects in Quanzhou, Fujian and Hengshan, Hunan, respectively. With the current capacity of 8.82 million tons, the total capacity after expansion is close to 13million tons

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