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Foreign enterprises' investment in Pudong drives the development of packaging industry

relevant departments in Pudong New Area of Shanghai disclosed that as of July 10. The total number of foreign-invested enterprises entering Pudong has exceeded 7000, reaching 7030. It has attracted a total of 36.6 billion US dollars of foreign capital and 15.5 billion US dollars of contractual foreign capital. In January this year, foreign investment continued to surge, attracting 395 foreign-funded projects, accounting for 31.9% of the total number of foreign-funded projects in the city

the analysis shows that the cumulative number of projects invested by the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region in Pudong has reached 2677, with a contractual foreign investment of 3.4 billion US dollars. The cumulative number of projects in the United States and Japan is 987 and 883 respectively, and the contracted foreign capital is 2.97 billion and 1.62 billion US dollars respectively

some multinational companies have a special preference for Pudong. 112 of the world's top 500 enterprises have entered Pudong, with a total of 198 investment projects and 3 new mega projects of more than US $1 billion, reaching a total of 6. Since this year, the decline of the U.S. economy has had a certain impact on the world, but Pudong's investment attraction has maintained a good momentum, attracting 26 large projects with a total investment of more than $10million, with a total investment of $1.639 billion, a sharp increase of 249% year-on-year, including $300million of national business microelectronics projects, $400million of Talon semiconductor projects, $98.77 million of Panasonic displays, and $300million of Intel Capital expansion projects. Of particular concern is that since this year, 339 foreign-funded projects have entered Pudong in the form of sole proprietorship, accounting for 85.3% of the total, creating a record high

among foreign investment projects, Pudong packaging industry accounts for a certain proportion, which has played a huge role in promoting the development of this industry. So far, there are more than 70 foreign-invested packaging enterprises in Pudong. Shanghai United Packaging and decoration Co., Ltd. and Asia Paper (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. are the two largest carton packaging enterprises in Shanghai. The foreign high molecular waterproof tensile performance coiled material gb/t328.9 ⑵ 007 manufacturers invested more than US $30 million each to introduce the space structure of a general electronic universal testing machine as the most advanced carton machinery and equipment in the world. The enterprise has developed rapidly. Last year, the sales revenue of these two companies was 170million yuan and 210million yuan respectively, In terms of product quality and enterprise management, the two companies are also at the forefront of the industry. They have successively passed ISO9002 quality certification and ISO14000 environmental protection certification, making their products obtain a pass to the international market. At present, these two enterprises are outstanding among their counterparts in Shanghai in terms of equipment, management, technology and sales. In addition, there is Shanghai Huali Packaging Co., Ltd., a joint venture between China and Hong Kong. Hong Kong businessmen have invested 10million US dollars. After introducing some international advanced equipment, the sales revenue has reached nearly 100 million yuan, and the enterprise profits are among the best among their counterparts in Shanghai

there is another noteworthy situation. Due to the increasingly prosperous development and opening-up situation in Pudong, foreign-funded enterprises have mushroomed, bringing vitality to packaging enterprises and driving the synchronous and rapid development of packaging carton and printing enterprises in Pudong. For example, Coca Cola and sprite from Shanghai Shenmei Beverage Co., Ltd., an international famous brand. The refrigerators and air conditioners of Shanghai sharp Electric Appliance Co., Ltd., the electrical products of Shanghai Hitachi, and the copiers and fax machines of Ricoh are all best-selling commodities in the market, and they all pay more attention to product packaging. Therefore, they win a large number of packaging supporting businesses for packaging enterprises and provide huge space for the development of Shanghai's packaging industry. 5. According to the experimental temperature: normal temperature fixture, high temperature fixture, low temperature fixture, high and low temperature fixture room, In recent years, it has increased by 20% every year. At the same time, foreign-funded enterprises have strict requirements for high standards of packaging, prompting packaging enterprises in Shanghai to constantly improve product quality and enterprise management level, so as to promote the packaging industry as a whole to a new level

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