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Foreign enterprises are optimistic about China's low-carbon market, and Chinese enterprises are ready to meet the challenges

2010 is the last year of the eleventh five year plan, and it is also the decisive year to achieve the goal of energy conservation and emission reduction in the eleventh five year plan. Developing a low-carbon economy and advocating the popularization of the concept of energy conservation and emission reduction will bring infinite business opportunities to related industries. Taking this opportunity, foreign enterprises have made efforts to save energy and reduce consumption in China. It can be seen from the 2010 China Beijing international energy conservation and Environmental Protection Exhibition hosted by the Beijing municipal government and the national development and Reform Commission on June 12

at the exhibition, international participants and our newly developed exhibitors of low VOC products came from 8 countries, including Germany, Japan, the United States, Switzerland, Denmark, the Netherlands, Belgium and Finland. The number reached 34, accounting for 21% of the total number of exhibitors, an increase of 5 percentage points over the previous session. Among them, 12 of the top 500 and well-known enterprises, including abb, Panasonic electric, Siemens, Philips, etc., focused on displaying energy-efficient motors International cutting-edge low-carbon technologies and related solutions, such as intelligent building control technology, low-carbon environmental protection power generation technology, ceramic insulated LED lamps, heat metering, heat pump gas air conditioning, heat insulation and energy-saving window film. Many foreign enterprises have settled in China, and with the introduction of government incentive policies, more foreign energy-saving enterprises will enter China

facing the active preparation of foreign giants, how do local enterprises such as Beijing Lepu sifangyuan Technology Co., Ltd. treat it? For Lepu Sifang, the deepening of foreign giants in China's energy-saving field is not so much a challenge as an opportunity. Because the entry of well-known enterprises is the promotion and improvement of China's energy-saving market, Lepu Sifang always adheres to the development idea of integrating resources and taking the lead in technology, and actively integrates into the torrent of competition. Lepu Sifang has already had broad and in-depth cooperation with Schneider and other foreign well-known electrical enterprises to show the elongation of standard tensile samples. On this basis, Lepu Sifang strives to innovate again, and applies the key technologies and equipment of intellectual property rights that enter the main interface of control software to the promotion of EMC energy management mode, so as to provide the best scheme for the overall system transformation of customers and find a successful way in the contract energy management mode

as Li junyang, Secretary General of the International Association for energy conservation and environmental protection, said: for enterprises, energy conservation and emission reduction is not only a society, but also means the international competitiveness of enterprises in the future energy-saving market. In the view of Lepu people, only by combining the advanced technology and management experience of foreign enterprises with the actual situation of China can we make the cause of energy conservation bigger and better. This is the constant pursuit and efforts of Lepu Sifang in the field of dynamic experimental machine. Lepu Sifang people are willing to work together with the industry to create a win-win situation on the road of energy conservation and emission reduction. China's energy-saving market is looking forward to a good competition mechanism, and tomorrow will be the real spring of the energy-saving market

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