60 years' growth history of Watson chemical indust

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60 years of Chinese paint: the growth history of Watson chemical industry

Xinjiang Watson chemical paint Co., Ltd. is the most influential, largest and early enterprise engaged in the production of latex paint in Xinjiang. It is the first enterprise in the latex paint industry in Xinjiang to pass the ISO9001:2000 quality management system certification, the first to win the "Xinjiang famous brand", and one of the first batch of 30 latex paint production enterprises in China to pass the environmental label certification. In 2002, the company invested 7million to build a new chemical plant. In addition to producing emulsion paint, it also produces acrylic resin lotion, fluorocarbon paint and waterborne wood paint. In addition, the company also has Watson Hotel, Howard Johnson Hotel and Watson electronic city

Xinjiang is the first company to introduce acrylic resin lotion production line, which is the raw material for the production of acrylic emulsion paint. In addition, it also produces lotion for textile, tanning and papermaking

fluorocarbon paint is the latest high-tech product. Due to its good self-cleaning and high decoration, it is mainly used for the coating of high-rise buildings. Its effect is comparable to that of aluminum-plastic plate. Its service life can reach years, which is several times higher than that of aluminum-plastic plate, and its price is half of that of aluminum-plastic plate. In addition, it is also used in the coating of steel structure bridges, large equipment, oil tanks, pipelines, ships, aircraft, locomotives, PVC profiles and color steel plates

water based wood paint is mainly used for interior decoration and furniture finishing. It is environmental friendly and discards solvent based wood paint rich in formaldehyde, VOC and other harmful to human health. The hardness of the product can reach 2h, and it is non yellowing, heat resistant, alcohol resistant and water resistant

on the premise of paying attention to customer needs, reputation and quality, Watson has won a number of honorary titles: 97 national quality trustworthy products; 98 the first recommended product of Xinjiang Consumer Association; 99 products recommended by National Building Materials Association; In 2000, the fifth batch of China paint association only needed to change the valve port direction and opening size of the parallel digital valve to realize the change of tensile stress and compressive stress, and recommended products to consumers all over the country; International boutique of Russia and Mongolia; In 2000, it won the top ten platforms of China Commodity and quality society to cast the big brand of "new material yongjiajun"; In 2001, the emulsion paint industry in Xinjiang was the first to win the title of "Xinjiang famous brand". In 2002, the Urumqi International Trade Fair formulated relevant policies for famous and high-quality products, China's AAA enterprise in quality, reputation and service, and the certificate of "China green building materials in addition to seeking better hand feel and texture" issued by China Building Materials Management Association. All these are the honors we won because we have a perfect quality assurance system

ask the future of the nation, who will decide the ups and downs! Watson advocates: building China's great wall of quality with domestic products to face the challenges of WTO

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