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Discussion on the packaging design of beer bottles (Part 1)

in order to meet the requirements of high-speed filling of modern beer filling machinery, beer bottle manufacturers strive to improve the level of equipment and the management level of various processes. The internal control standard for the quality of beer bottles has risen from the standard of qualified products 10 years ago to the standard of excellent products, and even exceeded the standard of excellent products

however, due to the unbalanced development of beer bottle enterprises and beer enterprises, especially after the beer industry moves towards collectivization, its scale, quality, grade and brand have all risen to a higher level, while the development of the supporting beer bottle enterprises is slow. Beer bottle enterprises have been unable to keep up with the development pace of beer enterprises, and the gap is still growing

beer and beer bottles, which are large in quantity and wide in scope, are closely related to people's lives and need to further improve the safety of consumption. How can the quality of beer bottles and beer filling be coordinated and unified? In combination with the practice of bottle shape development of many new products jointly carried out by Guilin Jingsheng Glass Co., Ltd. and Yanjing Beer (Guilin Liquan) Co., Ltd. and the experience of cooperation between the two enterprises for more than ten years, the following discussion is made from several aspects around beer bottle gb4544-1996

The new beer standard gb4927-2001 increases the upper limit of CO2 in beer and emphasizes the requirements for glass beer bottles, that is, beer enterprises have higher requirements for the strength of beer bottles

beer enterprises actively pursue scale and efficiency, and their markets are made of carbon fiber reinforced polymer (CFRP). Marketing planning is gradually combined with product shape packaging. And the new bottle design with unique shape and improved wine quality, to improve product quality to win more consumers. In fact, the shape of the bottle has a great influence on its strength. For bottles with complex shapes, it is easy to point out that the thickness of the glass is uneven, especially at the prominent edges and corners, it is easy to concentrate the twisting stress, and it is very easy to be impacted and scratched, which reduces the internal pressure resistance, impact resistance and heat-resistant sudden change performance of the glass bottle. From the internal pressure resistance formula:

pmax = 2T· δ/ In formula D, Pmax - internal pressure strength T - glass thickness d - outer diameter of bottle body δ—— It can be seen from the tensile strength of the glass that the greater the thickness of the bottle and the smaller the diameter, the better the resistance to internal pressure

in recent years, Guilin Jingsheng Glass Co., Ltd. and Yanjing Beer (Guilin Liquan) Co., Ltd. have jointly designed 700ml and 600ml beer bottles with large production volume and good market response. These two kinds of bottles are characterized by concave convex shape on the shoulder and the lower part of the bottom, which has obvious ice flower effect. According to statistics, under the same filling conditions, the explosion rate of 640ml ordinary bottles is about 0.5%, that of 600ml ice vases is about 1.5%, and that of 700ml ice vases is as high as 6%

beer enterprises tend to take the upper limit of CO2 content for the sake of high-quality beer. When extruding beer bottles that need to be recycled for many times, they should pay close attention to the fact that in the process of shape design, they should pay more attention not to blindly pursue novelty, strangeness and beauty. They should consider that special-shaped bottles are prone to thin weaknesses, and avoiding thin weaknesses is to avoid blasting sources

the shape of beer bottle is mainly simple and smooth. When choosing the shape design of cylinder, we also need to pay attention to the shape of bottle shoulder and bottle heel

1.1 bottle shoulder shape

the connection between the bottle neck and the bottle body is transited by the bottle shoulder. It is necessary to avoid the angular end shoulder shape. The slip shoulder shape appears mild, the thickness of the glass is evenly distributed, the stress distribution is also uniform, and the vertical load strength is good. Due to less stress on the sliding shoulder, the mechanical impact strength and water impact strength are both good. It is suggested that the inner and outer arcs of the shoulder R1 and R2 are 78 ° and 110 ° respectively

1.2 bottle heel shape

the fillet at the bottle heel should be appropriately large. In this way, the contact surface of the bottom of the bottle is reduced, the heel of the bottle is not easy to be scratched, there is no obvious turning angle, and the thickness difference is relatively small. However, many foam granulator enterprises do not pay attention to environmental protection in their production experience, and the internal stress and surface scratch will not be concentrated on the same location, so the thermal shock resistance, vertical load distribution uniformity and water shock resistance will be very stable. Based on the experience of Guilin Jingsheng Glass Co., Ltd., it is considered that the radius of the bottom corner arc of the bottle heel is r = 45 °, and it is suggested to determine the radius of the bottom corner arc as r3=45 ° in the figure legend of GB4544

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