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Packaging industry: outline of the "Eleventh Five Year Plan" (discussion and revision) (II)

II. Analysis of the situation and development potential, demand and market opportunities faced by the packaging industry during the "Eleventh Five Year Plan"

(I) situation analysis (trend and trend) during the "Eleventh Five Year Plan"

during the "Eleventh Five Year Plan", domestic economic development entered a new stage with structural optimization and upgrading as the main line. This not only creates a good environment for the development of the packaging industry, but also puts forward higher requirements for its industrial technology level and competitiveness

-- the development potential of domestic packaging industry is huge. During the "Eleventh Five Year Plan" period, China's national economy will still maintain high-speed growth. Due to the compatibility of the packaging industry, in the first 15 years of the 21st century, China's packaging industry still needs to develop at a high speed in order to meet the needs of the national economic development for the packaging industry. According to experts' calculation according to China's planning objectives, by 2010, the market scale of China's packaging industry will be close to 500 billion yuan. The broad market space has created conditions for the development of the packaging industry and also improved the overall position of the packaging industry in the national economy

-- the development of the packaging raw and auxiliary materials industry, the adjustment of product structure and the increasing variety provide sufficient raw materials for the development of the packaging industry, making it possible to diversify packaging

-- the increase of people's income and the improvement of living standards provide a broad market space for the development of packaging industry. With the improvement of people's living standards, people are no longer satisfied with the simple functions of packaging in consumption, but hope that packaging products have more connotation, which will make the consumption of packaging products increase significantly

-- leaders at all levels of the party and the state attach importance to the development of the packaging industry, providing a favorable macro policy environment for the packaging industry. The leading comrades of the party and the state have made important instructions and instructions on the development of packaging industry for many times, pointing out the direction for the development of China's packaging industry if liquid nitrogen is difficult to find

-- the western development provides an opportunity for the development of China's packaging industry

-- the adjustment of product structure has expanded the development field of packaging industry. Improving the added value of products and enhancing the competitiveness of products, especially export products, are important contents of industrial structure adjustment. To achieve this goal requires the support of the packaging industry, especially the improvement of the technical level of the packaging industry and the enhancement of the added value and adaptability of packaging products. With the adjustment of industrial structure and product structure, the development field of packaging industry will be continuously expanded, so as to realize the win-win situation of optimization and upgrading of industrial structure and accelerating the development of packaging industry

-- the formation of international manufacturing center has created conditions for the development of packaging industry. Due to its huge market potential, low land and labor factor costs, and relatively supporting industrial base, China is more widely integrated into the international division of labor, accepting the transfer of international manufacturing, and developing into a world manufacturing center

in the global packaging market, consumer packaging accounts for 30%, industrial packaging accounts for 30%, and other packaging accounts for 40%. New packaging systems, packaging products and materials are emerging, which is changing the structure of the packaging industry. The current development trend of the international packaging industry is:

-- the production and consumption trend of the international packaging industry. The trend of international packaging production and consumption is: (1) safety packaging products, beams and worktables should be often coated with antirust oil, which is booming. Countries around the world pay more and more attention to the safety of packaging. In particular, developed countries such as Europe and the United States have taken more stringent management measures in the production, sales, import and export of packaging to prevent the introduction of bacteria into China through packaging, and further improved the relevant laws and regulations and safety technical standards. (2) Green packaging products are increasingly favored by consumers. Although these packaging products started late, they have developed rapidly. At present, they are developing in the direction of standardization, serialization, standardization and industrialization in other performances with high standard distribution technology

-- Technological Development Trend of international packaging industry. Various high and new technologies have been widely used in the packaging industry. Electronic technology, biotechnology, new materials, automatic control technology, nanotechnology and other basic science and technology, as well as ultra-high pressure treatment, ultra-high temperature instantaneous sterilization and other cutting-edge technologies have been widely used in the production of packaging industry and product research and development. The application of these high and new technologies can not only ensure the safety, sanitation, convenience of packaging and reduce production costs, but also save resources and protect the environment. Compared with traditional packaging industrial technology, they have great advantages

(II) market demand during the Eleventh Five Year Plan period

during the Eleventh Five Year Plan period, the consumption of food, household appliances and daily necessities remained the main body and ranked first among urban and rural residents in China. With the development of our national economy and the diversification of residents' consumption, the total amount of packaging consumption will continue to increase, and the grade and structure of packaging products will also change greatly. At the same time, packaging consumption will be multi-level. Some harmless and pollution-free green packaging products have great demand growth potential and have good market prospects at home and abroad

in the field of food, with the prosperity and development of China's commodity economy, the improvement of people's quality of life and the acceleration of the pace of life, consumers have an increasing demand for fast food such as microwave food, snack food and frozen food. This trend will accelerate the demand for fast food and instant food packaging. At the same time, the Chinese government has put forward the development plan of agricultural industrialization, focusing on the development of deep processing of agricultural and sideline products, which requires a large number of packaging machinery and packaging materials; The national development and Reform Commission has listed food processing and packaging machinery as a key priority area for the development of the food industry, which will bring broad prospects for the development of the packaging machinery industry

the dairy and beverage industry has become one of the most growing industries in China in recent years. With people's increasing attention to health, there are endless varieties of dairy products and their supporting packaging products. At the same time, aseptic filling technology, pet plastic bottle packaging of beer and milk and other technologies are being valued and adopted by more and more manufacturers

the growth rate of the electronic industry in the national economy in 2004 exceeded 30%. China has become the manufacturing center of the world's household appliance industry. In order to better face the green wave of international household appliances and electronic packaging and reduce the damage rate of China's export commodities in the circulation process, it is necessary to improve the quality of packaging products. At present, the Chinese government is fully implementing the cleaner production promotion law, drafting and formulating the management measures for the recycling of packaging materials, and the management measures for the prevention and control of pollution from electronic information products, which is in line with the European Union, was officially introduced not long ago. Haier, Changhong, Gree, Kelon and other famous household appliance enterprises in China have committed to the development of product packaging in the direction of reduction and lightweight, and the demand for new, energy-saving and environmental protection packaging materials continues to increase; A large number of domestic household appliance enterprises are also testing and trying various green packaging materials, such as honeycomb paperboard, pulp molding, degradable plastics, plant fibers, air cushion materials and so on. As the main supporting industry of the electronic industry, packaging will have a faster development speed in the next few years

the pharmaceutical industry completed an industrial added value of 138.839 billion yuan in 2004, with a year-on-year increase of 16.92%. With the rapid development of China's economy, the improvement of people's living standards and the increase of medical expenses caused by population aging, the strengthening of new drug development, the acceleration of the reform of the medical security system and the expansion of medical insurance for urban residents, the pharmaceutical industry will continue to maintain the momentum of rapid growth. In order to strengthen the supervision over the packaging materials and containers of drugs in direct contact, the State Food and drug administration has successively promulgated 34 national standards for packaging materials and containers of drugs, 25 standards for inspection methods of packaging materials of drugs, and issued the notice on strengthening the supervision and administration of the packaging of traditional Chinese medicine. ABS has such comprehensive properties (impact resistance, high rigidity, oil resistance, low temperature resistance, chemical corrosion resistance, electrical performance, ease of processing and low price). In addition, the quality of pharmaceutical packaging materials and packaging varieties in China are significantly lower than the international level. In developed countries, pharmaceutical packaging accounts for 30% of the value of pharmaceutical products, while China has only 10%. At present, the annual output value of China's pharmaceutical packaging industry is about 15billion yuan, which can only meet about 80% of the needs of domestic pharmaceutical enterprises, which promotes the rapid development of the pharmaceutical packaging industry in recent years. Experts predict that the next five years will be a period of rapid development of China's pharmaceutical packaging industry

source: China Packaging Federation

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