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Discussion on physiological characteristics of honey peach fruit and its transportation packaging design (Part 1)

[Abstract] on the basis of clarifying the unique physiological phenomena of honey peach fruit, this paper analyzes the adverse effects of transportation vibration on the fruit, and discusses the shockproof transportation packaging design suitable for honey peach

key words: physiological characteristics; honey peach; Vibration; Transportation package

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physical characteristics of July peach discussion maximum stroke of piston: 500mmn

on the design of transport package of fruit

Zhang Rui Yu

(Chongqing Technology Business Univ., Chongqing 400033, China)

Abstract: Based on expanding the special physical characteristics of July peach, the adverse affects of vibrations during transportation on the fruit have beem e shockproof package design which is suitable for juicy peach to be transported has been discussed.

Key words:Physiological characteristics; Juicy peach; Vibration; Transportation package

honey peach is the best of fresh peaches. It is sweet and soft, juicy and dregs, nutritious and beautiful. It constitutes the collective advantage of eating quality, so it is popular in the market. However, due to the above characteristics, its shelf life is only 2-3 days at room temperature, which is particularly "flash in the pan" in the market

the long-term storage and transportation of honey peach is still a problem [1]. However, it is of great practical significance to study the short-term and efficient storage and transportation technology of high-quality fruits to reduce the corruption loss in the transportation process. Packaging is an extremely important technical link in storage and transportation. The physiological characteristics of honey peach fruits, the properties of packaging materials, and various physical and mechanical factors in the transportation environment have a complex impact on the correct packaging design

1 physiological characteristics of honey peach fruit

after picking honey peach, under the influence of the surrounding environment, there are various complex and interrelated biochemical reactions in its interior. Packaging, transportation and other human measures will affect it, but the principle is that it can only be moderately adjusted and controlled, not excessively disturbed and destroyed

honey peach is full of water, with large cell gap and thin epidermis. Soon after harvest, it produces ethylene release peak and respiratory peak, followed by physiological aging symptoms such as tissue softening, flocculation, browning, loss of flavor, and loss of edible value. At the same time, various mechanical damage and bacterial infection are also very easy to occur, leading to fruit corruption

unlike many kinds of fruits, honey peach does not have the Post Harvest Ripening Period to keep the mechanical assemblies, mechanisms and parts with good working performance. Its best quality is formed on the tree, so it is impossible to form good quality after early picking. Under the high temperature of the harvest season, the time between reaching the best quality and decay is very short, suggesting that it is difficult to harvest, store and transport after full maturity. Since quality and flavor are the value of honey peach, the appropriate harvest time of honey peach should be when the best quality is basically formed

due to active metabolism, cooling has become the key to control the quality of honey peach after harvest. Generally, it should be reduced to 2 ~ 4 ℃ as soon as possible, but at the same time, honey peach is sensitive to low temperature, and it is easy to feel low temperature physiological diseases at about -1 ℃

in other aspects, honey peach not only has obvious ethylene synthesis and release, but also ethylene in turn will promote its aging and deterioration, so reducing and eliminating ethylene can effectively inhibit the reaction related to aging; GA, a plant growth regulator, can also inhibit ethylene production; 1% - 2% calcium salt can inhibit the softening of honey peach [2]. The use of these physiological reactions can be used as an auxiliary measure to improve the packaging, storage and transportation effect of honey peach

2 transportation and packaging of honey peach

2.1 impact of transportation on fruit

the transportation environment is more complex than the static storage environment. Due to the vibration of vehicle power machinery and the random vibration caused by the road surface, the honey peach fruit in the vehicle will be affected by vibration, friction and static load [3], and vibration is a basic factor in the transportation environment. Honey peach fruit is a complex anisotropic viscoelastic body. Its rigidity is very small, so its absorption of vibration energy is large. When the external vibration is consistent with the natural frequency of the fruit, resonance phenomenon will occur, making the fruit suffer greater vibration damage. If only the physical effect of vibration on the fruit is considered, the impact of vibration mainly depends on the vibration acceleration, the number of vibrations and the vibration frequency. However, because the fruit is a living organism, vibration can also cause physiological effects. In practice, it is observed that even some small vibrations that do not cause damage will increase the absorption of fruits and vegetables due to repeated action or long-distance transportation, resulting in softening of the pulp and decline in strength [4], If the fruit has been mechanically operated, the phenomenon of rising respiration can be seen immediately. As respiration is a thermogenic process, the stimulation of normal respiration will further increase the heat release, resulting in an increase in temperature and aggravation of the injury. In the supply chain of honey peach, transportation is necessary, but honey peach itself is very vulnerable to damage, which often causes more serious damage due to friction, impact, vibration, etc. during transportation. Designing reasonable and effective packaging has become an indispensable means to solve this problem [5]

2.2 honey peach outer packaging - corrugated box

2.2.1 structure and size of carton

packing volume: generally, there is no absolute regulation on the packing volume of fruits. In principle, it should be convenient for manual handling and should not be too heavy. Considering the characteristics of honey peach fruit and the number of transfers in circulation, 7.5 ~ Lokg per box is better for the convenience of wholesale and retail

carton volume: Peaches are large and have certain differences in shape and volume, so they should be manually selected and graded before packaging, so that the size, shape and maturity of the fruits in the same package are as consistent as possible

considering the transverse diameter of 70mm, it is estimated that the space occupied by each kilogram of fruit is about 0.0020 ~ 0.0025m3. If a better packing method is set for peaches, combined with the use of cushioning materials, the volume of the carton can be calculated

carton size: under specific materials, different carton sizes will have different pressure resistance. As a fragile fruit box, the compressive strength and stacking strength of the carton must be considered first, taking into account the design requirements of economic materials and beautiful appearance [6]

according to the packaging object and the actual storage and transportation environmental conditions, design the preliminarily determined carton type, carton type and cardboard structure composition, and then you can check the relevant data. In a certain range, when the length of the force mouth of the box is fixed, the height of the box has little effect on the compressive strength. Therefore, the specific size of the box can be obtained by using the formula for calculating the compressive strength of the box required by the circulation environment, the Kjeldahl formula and the formula for calculating the comprehensive ring pressure value of corrugated board, on the premise of ensuring the safety of storage and transportation, combined with reasonable material factors

there are various kinds of scratch radius adjustment institutions in China, which can be used to change the standardized carton type of scratch radius. At present, it is very common to use cartons in fruit storage and transportation. In practical application, the best three-dimensional size ratio of some commonly used cartons can also be preliminarily determined by using it and combining with the specific packing volume

(to be continued)

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