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The application of automation technology in packaging design

automation technology, that is, the technology of using microcomputer design and electromechanical integration technology in packaging machinery design to significantly improve the automation degree of packaging machinery, improve productivity, equipment flexibility and flexibility, and the ability of packaging machinery to complete complex actions

automation technology has two characteristics in the automatic design of packaging machinery:

1. A single manipulator controlled by a single computer

packaging machinery requires multiple manipulators to complete complex packaging actions. The camera takes information and monitors the working feelings of the manipulator under the control of the computer. The manipulator completes the specified actions according to the program instructions to ensure the completion of packaging and the quality of packaging

2. It can highly distinguish the material thickness

the human eye cannot easily distinguish the thickness and material of the packaging material used in the packaging process. Therefore, packaging machinery design often uses cameras and detectors to distinguish the material thickness and changes in the packaging process under the control of computers. The camera can check and distinguish the captured pictures by itself and display them on the display screen

with the increasing requirements of packaging machinery, good flexibility and flexibility have also become the goal of packaging machinery design, and automation technology can perfectly achieve this requirement. In order to have good flexibility, flexibility and high automation, packaging machinery must use a large number of microcomputer, module and unit combinations

the flexibility and flexibility of packaging machinery are as follows:

1. Quantity. It can not only pack single products such as plastic composites and high-performance engineering plastics, but also pack different batches of products

2. Structure. The whole equipment is composed of units, and one or several units can also adapt to product changes

3. Supply. Like the candy packaging machine, on a common basis, it can combine different units, three feeding ports, and four different folding packaging forms. One machine can pack many different kinds of candy at the same time. After the operation of multiple manipulators, a camera monitors and directs the packaging of different kinds of candy in different ways according to the instructions. If the products are different, reset the camera program, which makes the equipment have good flexibility and flexibility. Partners of well-known investment institutions such as Yida capital, illuma capital, Yonghua capital, Shanghai venture relay fund, Dongfang Fuhai, Beijing woyan capital, and executives of listed companies such as new Zebang, Hongyu new material, Anle technology, have expressed their views on investment and financing in the field of new materials

and in order to improve design efficiency, Computer simulation design technology can also be used to shorten the testing, development and design cycle of various experimental machines required by these new materials. First of all, build the model first, that is, store various machine elements into the computer in the form of database, digitize the drawing and input it into the computer, and the computer will automatically synthesize the three-dimensional model. Secondly, input the actual production data and indicators, and various possible faults. The computer three-dimensional model is operated in imitation of the real working situation, demonstrating the productivity that can be achieved, the number of waste products, whether each link of the production line can match the production, where the bottleneck is, the curve displayed on the display screen is clear at a glance, and the model can also be modified according to the opinions of customers. Computer synthesis is fast and easy to modify, which can shorten the development cycle and improve work efficiency

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