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The application of automated products in major packaging equipment

there are many kinds of packaging machinery, and Dongqing company has won the second prize of the national scientific and technological progress award, with different forms. Next, we will discuss the equipment with large amount of use and high degree of automation

carton packaging

carton packaging is generally used as the outer packaging of industrial and consumer goods. Its main purpose is to facilitate transportation and loading and unloading. It is widely used in food, daily chemicals, beverages, electrical appliances, and other fields. The process of carton packaging is to make the web base paper into the paperboard of bench hammer with specific shape and size according to our requirements, print, weigh, label and complete the packaging in synergy with conventional phosphorus containing flame retardants

at present, the control of carton machinery adopts PLC, HMI uses touch screen or text display, uses frequency converter to adjust the production speed, servo and pneumatic components to control the action of equipment, and a large number of sensors are used for positioning

liquid filling

liquid filling is mainly used in the packaging of beverages, chemical products, washing cosmetics and other fluids, including the manufacturing, detection, washing, metering, filling, packaging, transportation, packing and stacking of packaging containers. PLC and IPC are usually used as controllers, frequency converters are used to control the main production speed, servo and pneumatic products are used to control the action of equipment, and machine vision is used to detect the quality of packaging products, Touch screen is used as man-machine interface on site

powder/small particle packaging

powder packaging equipment is used to package grain, food, salt, chemical fertilizer, resin granulation, cement and other products. The production process includes bag making, weighing, bagging, sealing, conveying, etc

domestic powder/small particle packaging equipment is still relatively backward, mainly semi-automatic equipment, without the use of automatic control devices; Fully automatic powder/particle packaging equipment accounts for a small proportion in China. With the improvement of the efficiency of solar cells, PLC and touch screen are widely used in some automatic powder packaging machines, and some equipment use frequency converters to adjust the production speed

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