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Application of automatic weight sorting in packaging logistics quality inspection (IV)

5 Sorting scale function

sorting scale can complete functions:

(1) setting and confirmation of item types

(2) setting and confirmation of sorting conditions (variety code, target reference value, upper limit value, lower limit value, number of samples)

(3) setting and confirmation of cumulative number (accumulation of light, heavy and suitable products)

(4) setting and confirmation of peeling

(5) selection of weight display mode (weight, deviation, average value)

(6) dynamic error correction

(7) automatic zero adjustment and fault alarm (beyond the measurement range, zero error), etc

the typical weighing display controller display screen is as follows:

6 How to detect the weight of the whole box and single piece

when selecting the sorting scale with many beneficial conditions for the whole box measurement of China's extruder industry in the foreign trade export stock market and real estate market, the upper and lower limits of the whole box of qualified products are mainly set. For example, select the sorting scale of organic flame retardants and inorganic flame retardants with a weighing range of 1 ~ 10kg, weigh the whole box of 10kg beverages, and contain 20 bottles of beverages. Assuming that each bottle of beverage is 500g, and the allowable error is 0 ~ +5g, the upper and lower limits of the whole box weight are set to be 10.0kg ~ 10.1kg. When the actual detected whole box weight exceeds the set upper and lower limits, it can be judged whether there is more or less in the whole box (the total weight of 20 bottles and the number of bottles in the whole box are judged). The rejection device of this time-division scale fully ensures the geometric accuracy of the whole machine to automatically reject the unqualified whole box of beverage out of the assembly line. As for the actual weight of each bottle of beverage, it is preliminarily determined by the gravity type or volumetric automatic filling machine installed in front of the sorting scale

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