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Application of BIM Technology in aluminum formwork

at present, BIM (buildinginformationmodel) technology has become a research and application hotspot of information technology in the construction field, and the application of BIM Technology in the construction site has also been gradually excavated

1 introduction to aluminum template

1.1 why use aluminum template

aluminum template, Tony gozdz, chief scientist of markforge, said, "after countless failed attempts and continuous transformation experiments, we finally created such a new material, also known as aluminum alloy formwork. As the name suggests, it is a building formwork made of aluminum alloy. The aluminum alloy formwork system has the advantages of convenient installation and removal, and the turnover times can reach more than 120 times. The appearance quality of concrete can reach the effect of fair faced concrete, and its flatness and verticality can reach The requirements of the code for acceptance of construction quality of concrete structures are energy-saving and environmental protection products promoted by the Ministry of construction

tum team created free movement at the beginning

in the process of aluminum alloy formwork processing, peroxide treatment and powder spraying technology were added, which effectively solved the quality defects of concrete surface pores, pitting and peeling caused by high-temperature oxidation during the initial application of aluminum formwork. The appearance quality of concrete is guaranteed to improve the overall quality of the project

the design, development and construction application of aluminum formwork is a major development in the construction industry. Gold standard aluminum formwork is also building an industry-leading building aluminum formwork with professional green construction, green building, environmental protection, energy conservation and efficient construction according to the national and social needs

compared with the traditional glued formwork, the aluminum alloy formwork has the following characteristics:

1) it is conducive to environmental protection, saves wood and protects the forest

2) the template can be reused for many times, with good surface forming

3) minimum dimensional error

4) less sundries, easy to stack

5) the construction produces less garbage, which is conducive to civilized construction

1.2 defects of traditional construction methods

but the traditional aluminum formwork matching drawing only marks the number and size of the aluminum formwork on the plane, but it can't well show the splicing relationship of details, and the learning cost is high. Workers can't well understand the placement relationship of the aluminum formwork, and because of the existence of mechanical and electrical openings and inclined beams, the plane can't express the positional relationship. And in recent years, due to the deviation between the template and assembly drawing and the site location, there are many behaviors of randomly cutting aluminum molds on site. Overall, the cost and duration of aluminum formwork may not be much higher than that of wood formwork

2 project introduction

the general contracting project of Lize financial business district project is located in the core area of Lize business district, Fengtai District, Beijing, between Lize bridge (West Third Ring Road) and Caihuying bridge (West Second Ring Road). The north side of the project land is Lize road and the east side is Lianhua River Road. The planned land area of the site is about 45000 square meters. The four super high-rise office buildings are composed of a commercial podium with a height of 150 meters for f# (32 floors), 120 meters for f# (25 floors), 199.9 meters for f03# (42 floors), 150 meters for F05 (31 floors), and a 6-story basement for four floors of Commerce and parking. The total construction area is 513153 ㎡, of which the aboveground construction area is 379900 ㎡, and the underground construction area is 133253 ㎡

3 construction process

the f # and f # towers of this project are core tube frame structures. Through comprehensive consideration, aluminum formwork is used from the second floor of F # and f # buildings to the top floor. The total area of F # tower formwork is 97738.12 square meters, of which the area of aluminum formwork can be used is 5400.39 square meters. After many optimization, the final plate area of F # tower is 2129 square meters; The total area of f# tower formwork is 94147.07 square meters, of which the area of aluminum formwork can be used is 34204.60 square meters, and the final plate area of f# tower is 1827 square meters. Due to the multiple turnover of aluminum formwork, aluminum formwork saves nearly 75% compared with wood formwork

the construction process of aluminum formwork is:

setting out the wall column positioning line → leveling the elevation → installing the wall column formwork → installing the beam formwork → installing the floor formwork → checking the verticality → checking the flatness → checking whether the pin is wedged correctly → handing over the top plate reinforcement binding → wall column reinforcement → concrete pouring

4 Lize project's innovation in aluminum formwork construction based on BIM Technology

4.1 model optimization process

in order to reduce the on-site workers' awareness of Due to the learning cost of aluminum template, the BIM team of Lize project, led by the chief engineer of the project, has carried out 3D modeling and optimization of BIM model of aluminum template CAD deepening drawing

first, the standard parameterized model family of aluminum templates is made through revit2014 software, which facilitates the splicing and quantity statistics of BIM models of aluminum templates, and further improves the BIM family library of the project

secondly, the BIM splicing of aluminum formwork is carried out by using Revit software with reference to CAD drawings. Because the CAD plane drawings cannot well reflect the three-dimensional placement position of aluminum formwork, and because of the plane characteristics of CAD drawings, the relationship between the position of structural openings and beams and the position of aluminum formwork is inevitably wrong. BIM team found many errors in the process of aluminum formwork splicing and optimized them, which reduced the on-site construction rework and saved labor

once again, the specific quantity of F and f standard layer aluminum templates was counted through the BIM software list function, and compared with the quantity of incoming materials from the material department to find out the wrong quantity of materials

finally, 3dmax software is used to make animation videos of the previous BIM model, so as to facilitate the disclosure of aluminum template scheme and reduce the learning cost of workers

4.2 visual disclosure

make full use of the visualization effect of BIM software to carry out visual process disclosure to the construction personnel. The specific methods are:

4.2.1 carry out the overall construction process animation disclosure of the standard layer to the workers (animation submission video produced by 3DMAX software)

4.2.2 carry out construction disclosure of corresponding main details to workers through BIM software

4.2.3 at the same time, the team leader and the on-site foreman shall be issued with the jigsaw drawing and corresponding planing drawing of the standard layer aluminum formwork for guiding the on-site construction

There is a "hide and seek" phenomenon

4.3 the foreman on the site who implements the

carries out construction on the site by importing the BIM model in advance and knows that the quality department carries out quality control

finally, it is concluded that the application of BIM Technology in aluminum formwork construction has greatly improved the construction speed of on-site workers, thus improving economic benefits and construction progress. The aluminum formwork model reduces the learning difficulty of workers and professional foremen, and improves the construction quality of aluminum formwork construction

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