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According to the statistics of China Printing Association, China has more than 90000 printing and packaging enterprises with more than 3million employees by 2004. These enterprises are widely distributed in, publishing, advertising, education, government and various manufacturing industries, Among them, the major is large There are 1700 "type" printing enterprises. In 2004, the output value of China's printing industry reached 186.7 billion yuan.

domestic printing machinery manufacturers mainly provide medium and low-end equipment, which is a big gap compared with the foreign advanced level. The main problem is that the variety is single, the automation level is low, and the production efficiency is low, which is far from meeting the needs of the domestic market. The high-end printing equipment demanded by the Chinese market mainly comes from imports. According to the printing machinery association By the end of 2005, China had a total of 240 printing machine host manufacturing enterprises (excluding parts and supporting equipment manufacturers). The output value of printing machinery industry in 2005 was 4.5 billion yuan, basically the same as that of the previous year

there are many types of printing machines in China, and the automation level varies greatly. There are mimeograph machines without power supply and full-automatic multi-color web printing machines. In the printing machinery using automatic products, automatic products are used to set process parameters and control equipment operation in the printing machinery. The control of printing machine mainly includes the following parts: speed control, ink color control, automatic registration, tension control, centering control, automatic paper receiving, and the measurement and control system of print quality, which are widely used in sheet fed printing machine and web printing machine respectively, greatly improving the electromechanical integration level of printing machine, improving production efficiency (reducing preparation time and improving production speed) It is of great help to reduce material waste and meet the requirements of multi variety and small batch production

due to the particularity of the Chinese market, the demand for medium and low-end products is the largest, and the automation level of these medium and low-end equipment is very low. Therefore, the automation level of Chinese printing machinery as a whole lags behind the advanced level of Europe and the United States. Taking the controller as an example, foreign printing machines have been able to carry out complex data analysis, taking PLC as the standard configuration, while more than one third of domestic printing machines are using relay control. In many domestic brands of stand-alone equipment, digital tubes are still widely used, and all European and American products use liquid crystal displays. Sarlink 17100 series thermoplastic vulcanizate (TPV) compounds are formula indicators and touch screens improved on the basis of sarlink 4700 series compounds

China industrial control believes that at present, the following automatic products are mainly used in domestic printing machinery:

control system: PLC, IPC, relay, fieldbus, special controller

production products mainly include hotel supplies such as disposable plastic tableware, sauce bottles, plastic kettles and other drive controls: frequency converter, DC speed regulation

motion control: servo, stepping

human machine interface: text display, touch screen, tablet computer

electrical components and sensors: photoelectric switches, travel switches, etc.

source: China industrial control

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