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The application of automatic series testing technology

quality standards and product requirements are now so high that they make it absolutely necessary to completely update the testing technology, and promote the suspension of conservative practices. The more accurate measurement method has now reached an incredible level. Accuracy, error free, repeatability and speed are the focus of attention, but also the processing and recording of test results and the resulting core of product quality improvement to improve competitiveness. Workers who don't need to rest and make mistakes have become the key factors for enterprises to win a stable market position. The measurement range is mainly used to measure aluminum profiles and aluminum alloy materials, and automation is the latest detection technology. The marginal cost of wind is close to zero

Figure 1: manipulator sampling in hopper

test equipment of collective manipulator

German test company expands its product range with fully automatic test equipment of collective manipulator, and establishes a new standard of intermittent testing with production. Based on the standard mode, this new type of fully automatic machine represents an important extension of large-scale industrial quality assurance. Its test equipment consists of force and displacement measurement, six axis manipulator, pneumatic or hydraulic tensioner and computer. This model is mainly designed for ordinary material testing. However, because of its high flexibility and versatility, it also has the possibility of testing components. Therefore, a system has been created, which can not only meet the needs of various customers, but also control the interpretation of problems in future testing technology

testwinner software can control the whole factory. A conveyor with a suitable hopper provides samples. The manipulator placed in the center carries the accurate control and conveying of the sample to each station. The number of stations and their arrangement can be different from customer to customer, and each need is different

the target application of such a fully automatic research and development institution to strengthen the research and development of key core technologies of new materials is mainly the series production of various components and the development of new materials. The focus is basically on the plastic industry, automotive related industries, and long-range manufacturers such as medical technology

reproducible measurement conditions

the advantages of the system are also the basis of the current concept. Therefore, since the manipulator controls the sample to eliminate human factors, the test and the resulting results can no longer be manipulated. From this result, another important advantage for close to reality measurement is produced: according to the position of the sample in the tensioner, the manipulator can achieve more accurate reproducibility (10mm), so the same test conditions are actually provided. In sensitive samples, the influence of hand temperature on temperature is also excluded. It takes only a little effort to equip the conveying equipment, which can be completed in normal working hours, although the automatic test instrument works 24 hours a day. Some factories have tested 2000 samples within 9 hours

the specially designed computer circuit board provides important features for the evaluation of the measurement points determined by the test. The direct connection between the computer board and the computer PCI bus ensures high-frequency transmission, thereby ensuring the extremely accurate evaluation of the measured value. Data acquisition, manipulation and processing are all carried out on the computer board. Adding active additives to the computer board and adopting polypropylene with wide molecular weight distribution also have a certain effect on the improvement of tiger skin defects, with its own processor. Therefore, the acquisition of measured values can be adjusted between 50Hz and 10kHz. At the frequency of 10kHz, the actual control speed is in a high range

because macros can be programmed freely, test winner application software is also suitable for all users who do not have programming knowledge. The software verified in medical technology uses networks and databases, and has the reliability necessary for the recoverable records of all measured values for many years

Figure 2: the manipulator places the sample in the fixture

supplementary selection

the diversity of potential extension modes and the adaptation specifically for the needs of each customer have opened up a Xintiandi of testing technology. Here, not only many test steps and processes can be connected and automated, but also it is possible to implement a complete set of test technology in a factory. The sample measurement position, length change and transverse contraction sensor, surface roughness and humidity measurement position all belong to the extended mode. All modes have interfaces that can be connected to the database

the automatic intermittent testing of bar code readers, the feeding of automatic hoppers to recycling positions, and the camera monitoring of factories by computers are becoming more and more mature

the necessity of factory automation must be carefully examined. For this purpose, the manufacturer shall provide consulting services based on economic analysis. If the analysis shows that the factory needs automation, or it may need to be only semi-automatic, prepare a reliable concept with the customer and implement it if necessary

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