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Application of basic coating technology in body repair (I)

in recent years, China's automobile maintenance enterprises have made great progress in the technology, process, materials and equipment used in the process of car sheet metal repair and reshaping, but they still lag behind in the basic coating technology. In particular, there are not many methods for anti rust measures, many of which only rely on brushing anti rust paint. This often leads to premature corrosion at the welding and repair joints, which will reduce the service life of local car bodies, and even affect the safety of the whole vehicle

in fact, the basic coating process is widely used in the whole process of body sheet metal repair. According to the author's experience in automobile sheet metal repair for many years, the specific application of basic coating process in the maintenance and replacement of body sheet metal parts can be summarized into the following categories:

first, the basic coating of ferrous metal plates smells a fragrance similar to corn.

ferrous metal plates are easy to be oxidized and rusted gradually due to exposure to air or harmful substances and other factors, resulting in yellow rust spots, Damage the original coating. Especially for the parts processed by hammering, welding and other processes in the process of sheet metal operation, the original coating protective layer is more likely to be damaged, and the corrosion of the column, upper beam, middle beam and workbench is accelerated. Even if the paint film is sprayed, the paint film will quickly fall off together with the basic coating. At this time, a thorough coating treatment must be carried out again

polish and clean the surface of ferrous metal plate with steel wire brush or iron sandpaper. If possible, the widely used cleaning tool nylon grinding disc can be used to thoroughly polish and clean the metal surface. When disassembling and repairing the vehicle body (especially the accident vehicle), the folding and lap joints of the sheet metal should be sprayed with spraying liquid specially used for rust removal, paint removal, and removal of oxidation slag and dirt before and after metal welding, or replaced with antirust primer with good antirust ability

II. Basic coating of the joint surface of sheet metal parts

if the repaired automobile body is not treated with rust prevention, the cracks of the joint surface of sheet metal parts will often be oxidized and rusted due to the existence of various impurities and moisture within oneortwo years, affecting the strength of the welding points, so it is necessary to spray welding zinc flux in time

welding zinc flux (zinc rich coating) is a new material specially used for preventing oxidation and corrosion on the joint surface of sheet metal parts. It has two dosage forms: spraying and coating. It has good conductivity in this kind of good market demand environment, high temperature resistance, and electrochemical cathodic protection. It can form a layer of anti rust protective layer between the welding joint surfaces of sheet metal injection machine: 70t clamping force, improve the ability of the parts around the welding points not to be corroded, protect the welding points, and ensure that the strength of the repaired car body is not inferior to the original car body

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