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The application of automatic flat wire printing machine

a joint venture between SIAS company of Italy, Zhengzhong company of Taiwan and Hebei decoration and Printing Machinery Co., Ltd., a steel structure construction pilot company, and a three capital enterprise established in Chinese Mainland, Hebei Sayers Printing Machinery Co., Ltd., on the basis of adhering to the introduction, digestion and absorption, launched a new MOVEX 3/4 automatic flat wire printing machine this year. All the products adopt Italian drawings, and the main mechanical and electrical parts are provided by Italy. The whole machine is assembled in Hebei sails. This product has reached the international advanced level in performance and printing accuracy. It is not only popular in the domestic market, but also approved by Italian professionals. In the second half of the year, it will be sold back to the European market by Italian Thales company in addition to the fracture life of other tapes. It has paved a feasible way for the export of China's high-end screen printing machines

the main features of this product:

1. Schneider PLC microcomputer is used to control the difficult rise of raw material prices of the whole machine system, and the man-machine dialogue screen display is used to visually monitor the operation of the whole machine. There are various operation modes. 1. The inspection of extrusion connection joints is divided into type inspection and on-site inspection for users to set flexibly. All kinds of technical parameters are directly input, and the adjustment operation is more convenient, accurate and intuitive

2. The scraping action adopts Italian motor to drive the toothed belt transmission, which can be variable frequency speed regulation, smooth operation without noise, and accurate and reliable printing quality

3. The mechanical four column lifting of the printing frame is stable and reliable. The design of two lifting strokes, high and low, makes it convenient to wipe the plate and has higher printing efficiency

4. The plate adopts pneumatic clamping, which is easy to operate, and has a pneumatic release device synchronized with the printing, making the printing effect more perfect

5. The workbench is driven by Italian motor and runs along the linear guide rail, which is stable and accurate. The unique safety door design makes the operator more safe. The printed matter is automatically positioned and vacuum adsorbed by the cylinder on the worktable, and the positioning is accurate and reliable

6. After printing, there is a fully automatic material return and conveying device, and the printed matter is directly sent to the drying channel or UV oven, ensuring the printing quality and printing speed

7. Photoelectric protection devices are set on three sides of the whole machine to ensure production safety

8. Different from the full-automatic drum printer, the substrate thickness can reach 0 to 50mm, which is suitable for a wider range of packaging and decoration fields

high quality printing products come from high-quality printing equipment. Hebei Thales company will continue to provide you with internationally advanced printing equipment to create a better tomorrow for packaging and decoration with you

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