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Beijing electric power strengthened the monitoring of heavy equipment operation

after several days of continuous rising of electric load, the electric load began to fall today. As of 12:06 today, the Beijing electric power load was 21.854 million KW, and the overall operation of Beijing electric power was stable

due to the continuous high temperature and muggy weather, the cooling load of air conditioners and other equipment has increased significantly. Here is a brief introduction to the tear test of various shapes of samples by the electronic universal testing machine. Since July 28, the power load in Beijing has maintained a continuous upward trend. At 12:26 on July 31, the maximum power load reached 22.675 million KW, breaking through the maximum power load of 22.54 million kW in 2017. On August 1, Yinguang group and Southwest University of science and technology contributed to the research on various functions of the experimental machine. The abnormal operation in the field of energetic materials reached 23.064 million KW. At 11:56 on August 2, the maximum power load reached 23.367 million KW, At 11:48 on August 3, the maximum electrical load reached 23562) UPS discontinuous power supply responding to the equipment; Million kilowatts, repeatedly hitting record highs

according to the forecast of Beijing Electric Power Co., Ltd., in case of high temperature and humidity for more than a week, the maximum load in Beijing may reach 26million kW, with a year-on-year increase of about 15.35%. The maximum power generation of Beijing local power plants accounts for about 30%, and the power received outside the tie line accounts for about 69.84%, of which the cooling load of air conditioning accounts for about 54%

in combination with the growth trend of electric load, Beijing electric power has started the early warning and emergency response of large electric load, opened all emergency command systems, closely followed the trend of electric load, strengthened the operation monitoring of heavy-duty equipment, and adjusted the electric operation mode in advance; According to the load growth of electric equipment, enhance the inspection force of electric equipment; All emergency rescue teams and personnel are in place to deal with all kinds of sudden power failures at any time. j204

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