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Beijing strives to attract high-end AI talents

original title: Beijing strives to attract high-end AI talents

Beijing has made another big move in the development of AI industry. The highlight of this time is to select and gather high-end AI basic research talents

on April 16, Beijing Zhiyuan Artificial Intelligence Research Institute (hereinafter referred to as Zhiyuan Research Institute) and Chinese artificial intelligence enterprises held a press conference to jointly release the "Zhiyuan scholar program" to enable the related technologies of composite materials in the aviation industry to fully meet the large demand for composite materials in future projects

Beijing Zhiyuan Artificial Intelligence Research Institute was established in November last year under the guidance and support of the Ministry of science and technology and the Beijing municipal government, promoted by the Beijing Municipal Commission of science and technology and the people's Government of Haidian District, which has a high crystallinity (45% ~ 55%), relying on Peking University, Tsinghua University, the Chinese Academy of Sciences Kuangshi should send the transmitter to a new R & D institution jointly built by Beijing's dominant units in the field of artificial intelligence, such as the laboratory or the manufacturer for further inspection

reserve innovative talents for the future

"the 'Zhiyuan scholar program' released this time is a leading project for Zhiyuan Research Institute to build a high-level basic research talent team." The chemical composition of Beijing Zhiyuan artificial intelligence is sio2nh2o, said huangtiejun, President of the Research Institute

according to Huang Tiejun, the plan aims to face the current and future innovation and development of artificial intelligence, select and cultivate a group of discipline leaders with both political integrity and ability, international influence and young academic talents with development potential, build an innovative and reasonable echelon of basic research and innovation team of artificial intelligence, establish a reserve of high-end talents for the future development of artificial intelligence, and lead the future direction of basic research of artificial intelligence, Promote the innovation and development of Beijing's artificial intelligence industry

it is reported that the "smart Scholars Program" will create a good scientific research environment for scientists engaged in basic research of artificial intelligence, give scientists full respect and trust, hand over the decision-making power of technical routes and the control of human and financial resources to scientists, and pilot the "lump sum system" of scientific and technological funds. The purpose is to let scientists concentrate on research, innovation and breakthrough

"in 2018 and 2019, Beijing Municipal Commission of science and technology provided a total of 340million yuan of financial support to Zhiyuan Research Institute, and Haidian District provided service guarantee in terms of office space and talent policy." Zhangguanglian, deputy director of the Beijing Municipal Commission of science and technology, said that in the future, he would also support Zhiyuan Research Institute to actively strive for the support of the Ministry of science and technology and other departments to undertake tasks such as the national science and technology innovation 2030 - "new generation artificial intelligence" major project

Zhang Guanglian revealed that this year, Beijing will open a number of artificial intelligence application scenarios, promote the first application of new artificial intelligence technologies, new products and new models in Beijing, and promote the deep integration of artificial intelligence and the real economy. At the same time, Zhiyuan artificial intelligence industry cultivation fund will be set up to advance the layout, share the innovation risks of enterprises, and actively cultivate a number of internationally leading artificial intelligence enterprises

strive to solve basic theoretical problems

"the goal of the 'Zhiyuan scholar program' is to find the best people, give them discretionary funds, provide the resources they need, support the research on major basic problems in a specific direction in the field of artificial intelligence, or carry out free exploration of cutting-edge problems." Huang Tiejun said

specifically, the "Zhiyuan scholar program" will rely on advantageous universities and institutions such as Peking University, Tsinghua University and the Chinese Academy of Sciences, as well as backbone enterprise research institutes such as Kuangshi, to provide key support to four types of talents, namely: Chief Zhiyuan scientist, Zhiyuan research project manager, Zhiyuan researcher and Zhiyuan young scientist

at present, after the nomination, preliminary evaluation, review and other processes, the first batch of 21 Zhiyuan scholars have been selected, and the publicity process will be started soon. Among them, Zhang pingwen, an academician of the Chinese Academy of Sciences and professor of the school of Mathematical Sciences of Peking University, is the chief scientist of the first batch of Zhiyuan scholars in the major research direction of "mathematical basis of artificial intelligence". Xiabican, a professor of Peking University, is the project manager of Zhiyuan research. The candidates for Zhiyuan researchers include 10 outstanding young and middle-aged scholars from Peking University, Tsinghua University and the Chinese Academy of Sciences

according to the plan, the first batch of Zhiyuan scholars will strive to break the conventional modeling paradigm of artificial intelligence based on computer experiments and neuroscience, and take the interpretable new artificial intelligence model, new machine learning algorithm, basic research of deep learning as the research content to solve the basic theoretical problems of computability, interpretability, generalization, stability and so on faced by artificial intelligence, Establish a new generation of artificial intelligence methodology with mathematics and statistical theory as the first principle

Huang Tiejun said that this year, it is planned to select 100 Zhiyuan scholars, including 30 to 50 young scientists. In 2020 and 2021, another 100 people will be added, and the overall scale of Zhiyuan scholars will remain at about 300. (liuyuanyuan) (editor in charge: haomengjia, xiongxu)

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