Beijing Jinyu concrete epidemic in the sub center

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Beijing Jinyu concrete epidemic in the sub center of the fierce battle city once again "shines the sword"

Beijing Jintong concrete epidemic in the sub center of the fierce battle city once again "shines the sword"

March 20, 2020

"if there is a battle, you must call back and win!" The front line of production is also the front line of the war. Since the outbreak of COVID-19, the builders of Beijing Jinyu concrete company have been moved by the order and gathered quickly. According to the industrial standard for biodegradable plastic packaging products (hj/t209 ⑵ 005) issued in November 2005, they quickly set out to do a good job in the supply guarantee of the sub center of Beijing, and dare to fight a hard battle and "shine a sword" in this war without gunsmoke

give full play to the advantages of Jinyu industrial chain linkage

the theater, library and Museum of Beijing Sub Center are the top priority of construction. TongZhou station of Beijing Jinyu concrete company received the supply notice from the sub center library on February 15. Facing the tight supply task, sufficient raw materials are the key coating. However, affected by the epidemic situation after the festival, most of the raw materials are supplied from other cities. It is difficult to quickly put in place during the current special period of epidemic prevention. In order to provide timely help and show the industrial chain advantages of Jinyu group at a critical moment, Beijing Jinyu Liushui Environmental Protection Technology Co., Ltd. mobilized Beijing cement, plus the admixture of Beijing Jinyu cement energy saving Technology Co., Ltd. and the sufficient supply of raw materials such as sand and gravel aggregate of Yutian new building materials branch of Jidong Development Group Co., Ltd., so as to ensure that the city's sub center is in a tough battle, with soldiers and horses still in place and food and grass first

it is an important political task to direct party members to charge the front line

the construction of Beijing Sub Center of supply. The Party committee of the company has taken measures to strengthen organization and leadership, do a good job in epidemic prevention and control, and implement various safeguard measures to ensure that the supply task is completed with high quality, high efficiency and high level. The Secretary of the Party committee of the company came to the front line in person, commanded ahead, and carefully organized the resumption of work and production. At the critical moment, Communist Party members practice their original intention, set an example, bravely shoulder heavy responsibilities, and strive to be on the front line of production tasks. Some of them are new fathers, and some are about to retire. However, in the face of production tasks, they have only one identity, that is, builders. Facing national key tasks, they are duty bound to carry forward the spirit of craftsman, complete production tasks with quality and quantity, interpret the mission of state-owned enterprises with responsibility, and show their dedication with action

effectively ensure the resumption of epidemic prevention and promote the resumption of work

epidemic situation is the order, prevention and control is the task, and the resumption of work on March 15 (1) 7 is the mission. Through the "one-stop" return to work plan, the company orderly arranges employees to return to work in batches, and strictly controls the three passes of "entrance screening - Beijing isolation - closed management" in the production area, so as to ensure the safety of employees. The driver of the tank car entering and leaving the station needs to measure the body temperature. The vehicle has been disinfected. At the same time, the workers are equipped with protective masks, hands-free disinfectant and other materials. On the premise of ensuring the quality of concrete, these have made the development of new energy an inevitable trend to ensure the health of workers and the safety of vehicle disinfection. The company conducts hidden danger troubleshooting for various equipment to ensure "zero hidden danger, zero risk" resumption of production. At present, there are 720 tons of cement, 21 tons of additives, 5500 tons of sand and 5000 tons of stones in the station. The production equipment and on-the-job personnel can fully meet the daily output of 1500 m3. On February 18, the construction was resumed. According to the construction progress, 5275 cubic meters of concrete have been supplied so far, realizing the promotion of epidemic prevention and control and the efficient guarantee of the construction of the sub center

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