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Beijing has strictly investigated the use of polyurethane foam boards in buildings and seized illegal buildings. Ventilation facilities, fire-fighting equipment and fire-fighting institutions are equipped in the public security rooms of the city. According to the industrial production experience, the public security police stations have formed 673 inspection teams, 2575 inspection units, 2263 fire hazards have been found, 40 people have been detained, 9 have been stopped for three times, and 60 have been sealed up. Among them, Beijing yirujia hotel was sealed up because it was built with non-conforming polyurethane foam color steel plates

3. During the transportation, it was reported that on May 3, the comprehensive law enforcement team of Dongcheng Fire detachment found that a large number of colored steel plates were used in two four storey buildings of Rujia hotel during inspection in Beijing Jiaodaokou Co., Ltd; The 3 hotels are constructed with polyurethane foam color steel plates restricted by the state, which are illegal buildings built without permission and have low fire resistance rating. In view of the problems found, according to relevant regulations, the inspectors imposed a mandatory measure of temporary seizure on Rujia Hotel Beijing Jiaodaokou Co., Ltd

in addition, the inspection team also found a foam sandwich color steel plate building on the roof at the northwest corner of the plant area of Beijing Yanjing Beer Group, gradually expanding the frontier field of new material utilization. Inspectors said that the building is located on the third floor of the office building. The first and second floors are constructed of reinforced concrete. The color steel plate part of the third floor is an unapproved illegal building. As the building is adjacent to the beer fermentation area, the consequences in case of fire are unimaginable. In view of the above problems, the inspection team temporarily sealed up the illegal building according to law

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