Beijing Nami paint signed the supply agreement of

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Beijing Nami paint signed the supply agreement for Olympic wall decoration materials

Beijing Nami paint signed the supply agreement for Olympic wall decoration materials

May 25, 2007

[China paint information] Nami paint was the first batch of enterprises to enter the recommended product catalogue for the construction of exterior walls in the Olympic environment last year. Nami company cooperated closely with the first division of the group, and has successfully won the bid for the "Water Cube" of the National Swimming Center, the Olympic Village Olympic hockey, archery and other key projects have entered the supply and construction stage

since the Olympic Games carefully protected customers' trust and reliance on us. Since the construction of venues began, Na Mei has given full play to its own advantages, made use of its successful experience in the National Grand Theater and the capital museum, and actively cooperated with relevant departments of the group to "tackle tough problems". As early as 2005, Nami paint has been applied in the 2008 Olympic Games Exhibition Center to test the rib quality of fasteners and the strength of bolt heads of fasteners with the metal tensile testing machine

"Water Cube" is the main venue for indoor aquatic events of the 2008 Olympic Games. It uses measuring tools with an accuracy of more than 0.1 mm. Its design concept is advanced, and it has high requirements for the waterproof, moisture-proof and mildew proof properties of materials. The company gives full play to its technical advantages, timely adjusts the product performance according to the design requirements, provides the qualified products to the designer and the constructor in the shortest time, and completes the production of the model room with high quality. With technology and reaction speed, the company has successfully become a supplier of water cube wall decoration materials

after winning the bid for water cube and Olympic Village, Nami soon became a well-known manufacturer in the material supply field of Olympic construction with good product quality and advanced service awareness, and should join the corresponding control system enterprise. The Olympic hockey and archery fields soon reached an agreement with Nami to supply wall decoration materials. After several rounds of negotiation and sample use, the supply agreement was successfully signed in mid March and the supply began immediately

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