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Beijing Jinyu Group Construction Machinery Co., Ltd. won the "capital labor Award"

Beijing Jinyu Group Construction Machinery Co., Ltd. won the "capital labor Award"

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Guide: Beijing Construction Machinery Asset Management Co., Ltd. has made outstanding contributions to the development of the enterprise and the harmony and stability of the community in the process of the heavy integration and reorganization of Jinyu group (shares). Recently, The construction machinery company won the capital labor award issued by the Beijing Federation of trade unions. The meeting of the construction machinery company on May 23

Beijing Construction Machinery Assets Management Co., Ltd. has made outstanding contributions to the development of the enterprise and the harmony and stability of the community in the process of the vigorous integration and reorganization of Jinyu group (shares). Recently, Beijing Construction Machinery Co., Ltd. won the "capital labor Award" issued by the Beijing Federation of trade unions for the reduction of ore demand. At the second congress of the labor union of the construction machinery company held on May 23, wangjianguo, member of the Standing Committee of the Party committee and vice chairman of the board of directors of Jinyu group (shares), and zangfeng, chairman of the labor union, presented the certificate of merit and certificate to the company

a wider selection of colors and materials can provide great impetus for the market implementation of refil wire rod. During the "Eleventh Five Year Plan", with the help of Jinyu's good development platform, China Construction Machinery Corporation has successively integrated more than 20 enterprises under the group in the way of management and absorption and merger. Over the years, in accordance with the work requirements of "re integration of resources and further deepening of reform", CCCC has closely focused on the enterprise central task of "grasping the economy, ensuring safety and promoting stability", insisted on the unified management and coordinated development of the enterprises under its jurisdiction. By optimizing the allocation of resources and improving the quality of assets, the scale of the enterprise has been expanding, the economic benefits have increased steadily, the income of employees has increased year by year, and the remaining problems have been gradually solved, The overall strength of the company is growing

operation is the leader, management is the means, and benefit is the goal. In order to do a good job in enterprise operation, the construction machinery company has summarized the "four important" principles for operation, that is, idle land should be built, non-performing assets should be upgraded, lease should be raised when the contract expires, and the lease procedures should be standardized. Through resource sharing and complementary advantages, the company has carried out deep-seated integration, making things that could not be done or even could not be thought of gradually become a reality: two business buildings have been built in the old site of the lock factory; A two-story business room was built on the large car room of yard 18 of zhongweisenhai company; Demolish the old plant of Zhongwei Senhai company and raise funds to rebuild "Jinyu Zhongwei Business Garden"; Seize the construction opportunity of Zhoukoudian Ape Man Site Museum of Zhoukoudian Management Department of Xisha company, and strive for government compensation for the expansion of the museum; In order to maximize the interests of the group, Luzhou mall, with the support and help of the group company, signed an agreement with Tongzhou District Xincheng Jiye real estate development company and received a compensation of 500million yuan

most of the units affiliated to the construction machinery company are old enterprises, with many problems left over from history, many accumulated social contradictions, many letters and visits, and heavy and trivial tasks of maintaining stability. Faced with the arduous and complex work of maintaining stability through letters and visits, the company has established a "leading group for solving problems left over by history" and various special working groups, and signed the annual work book on maintaining stability at all levels. In the investigation and handling of petition cases, all departments of the company closely cooperated and cooperated with each other. Department leaders set an example by investigating petition and petition cases, and made it clear to the end. During the work, the leaders of the company insisted on solving the reasonable requirements put forward by the masses in a timely manner. For those that could not be solved at the moment, they explained the reasons, stabilized their emotions, and effectively maintained the normal working order of the enterprise

under the leadership of the company's "solving problems left over by history" leading group, all special working groups carefully sorted out and cooperated closely, and solved a series of hot and difficult problems: Fengtai branch completed the file transfer of retirees from several restructured enterprises; Great Wall Furniture Co., Ltd. has signed a compensation agreement with Guang'an lighting restructuring employees in the past two years, and terminated the labor relationship; Guanghua timber factory has solved the problem of reissuing the house property certificate that has not been solved for 14 years. Beijing Olympic Games, Yanshan Cement, Great Wall Furniture, Jinhaiyan, hardware decoration and other units have also solved the historical problems left over by many years

during the work, the Party committee of the construction machinery company strictly implemented the leadership system for maintaining stability and the level by level responsibility system, regularly summarized and analyzed key events and key personnel, established the security work network of the company, departments and branches, and implemented the "three fixed" system of fixed person in charge and fixed security projects, so as to do a good job in enterprise stability maintenance

according to statistics, since 2009, the construction machinery company has invested more than 20million yuan to solve more than 40 key problems left over from history, resolve various contradictions and conflicts, and effectively maintain the harmony and stability of the group and the enterprise

Construction Machinery Co., Ltd. focuses on maximizing the potential of employees, stimulating their subjective initiative, thus enhancing the vitality of enterprise development, and creating a harmonious atmosphere in which employees love the enterprise, the enterprise cares for employees, and the two rely on each other

in the face of the fact that the income gap between employees among enterprises is large, the company adheres to the principle of "respecting history, facing reality, gradual adjustment and common development", gives full play to the role of the workers' Congress in democratic management, establishes a working mechanism for collective negotiation of enterprise wages, a mechanism for normal wage growth and a payment guarantee mechanism, favors units and posts with low income levels, adjusts and straightens out wage standards, and gradually reduces the wage gap between employees, And increase the wages of employees at the rate of 10% per capita per year for many consecutive years. The company also paid special attention to the work of negotiating and signing collective contracts with trade union organizations on an equal footing, effectively implemented the projects agreed in the collective contracts, and protected the legitimate rights and interests of employees. For this reason, the construction machinery company has also been listed as a pilot enterprise to implement the collective wage negotiation mechanism by the Beijing Federation of trade unions

since the implementation of integration and reorganization, the construction machinery company has always taken doing practical things for employees as the hardware support to strengthen ideological and political work. The most important thing of the "March 8" women's day, "May 4" youth day and "July 1" party is birthday. The company has organized large-scale visits and learning activities, and has formed a system and adhered to it for many years. During the new year's day and the Spring Festival, the labor union and the Organization Department of the company should visit the homes of the employees and retired cadres who have difficulties in life and are sick, so that the employees can feel the warmth and care of the enterprise; The company also actively creates conditions to solve the problem of employees' breakfast and lunch; Insist on physical examination for all employees once a year; Establish health mutual insurance for all female workers; Actively encourage employees to learn by themselves in their spare time. It is stipulated that employees who have obtained a college or bachelor's degree through spare time study will be given a one-time reward of yuan after graduation; Insist on giving birthday gifts and cash gifts to each birthday employee; Give a gift of 500 yuan to newly married employees; A consolation fund of 500 yuan will be given to the employee's immediate family members in case of death; On major holidays, all employees were given consolation products and holiday expenses, so that each employee could truly enjoy the achievements of enterprise reform and development, which greatly stimulated the employees' sense of identity and pride towards the construction machinery company

today's machine builders are harmonious, progressive, and dedicated. Facing the large-scale integration of enterprises, they do not mention conditions, are not afraid of difficulties, take the initiative to integrate and actively participate; Faced with a large number of problems left over by history, they "dare to take responsibility, dare to innovate and dare to meet tough challenges", fully demonstrating the spirit of outstanding innovation and daring to be first

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