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Beijing has started to implement waste classification treatment. Beijing is accelerating the pace of building a "green capital". Since November 2 last year, the production and commissioning will be carried out in January next year. Beijing has fully implemented the classified recycling of waste paper in eight major urban areas. The classified collection of waste plastics and waste batteries has also been included in the government's agenda and will be implemented one after another. The most important point is

according to the Beijing Municipal Administration Committee, since November 2 last year, all party and government organs, companies, schools and units in the eight major

urban areas in Beijing must classify and collect waste paper, otherwise the environmental sanitation department will refuse to clear and transport the garbage of these units

if there is still oil leakage

it is understood that in the future, all units involved should purchase

collection containers to store waste paper according to the usual amount of waste. The collection containers must be placed in an obvious position of the unit, and special personnel should be assigned to manage them. The sanitation department will also set up waste paper concentration points and closed cleaning stations in each district to recycle waste paper

waste paper products collected by classification include office paper, copy paper, old envelopes, newspapers, advertisements,

product packaging paper and paper shell, etc. Paper towels, toilet paper, carbon paper and greasy paper are not recycled because they can not be used as raw materials for recycled paper

it is reported that by the end of this year, Beijing will realize the classified recycling of waste plastics and waste batteries in eight major urban areas. In 2002, the garbage generated by all units and urban residents in Beijing was classified and recycled. By 2005, the recycling rate of garbage resources in Beijing will reach 30%

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